Enhance user experience with the help of Discord Bots

Discord is a popular VoIP platform in the gaming community. It allows users to build and participate in ‘servers’ for their favourite games and game streamers. However, in recent times, Discord has started gaining popularity within the marketing industry.

Discord’s unique interface for VoIP can help you build a community outreach platform for your brand. For example, companies that sell gaming hardware extensively market their products through Discord.

It is one of the best ways to create an interactive community. Brands that depend a lot on interaction with various users can use Discord very efficiently. In fact, Discord is slowly becoming the must-have platform for every brand that cares about a community spirit. In this article, we’ll learn about Discord bots and how they can be used to enhance user experience on a Discord server for business.

How Discord Works

Discord is just like any other social media platform. However, you have to download its client either on your computer or download its mobile app. Once done, you simply create an account and start using it!

Discord communities are created through ‘servers’. You, as a brand, can create a server in Discord that will be used for your users to get in touch with you. Users can use the server and its various ‘channels’(chat window) to communicate with your brand representatives, moderators, and fellow users

Digital Marketing with Discord

Just like any other marketing platform, Discord has its own set of challenges. To succeed as a business on Discord, you need to be able to enhance your customer experience. Customer experience is one of the most important metrics on the discord platform.

Unlike other digital marketing platforms, Discord is not the most user-friendly platform out there. For new users, it can be overwhelming to use. So if you plan to market on Discord, you must ensure that you can provide a good customer experience. One of the simplest ways to provide a good customer experience is to use Discord bots.

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are third-party tools that can be added to your Discord servers. These bots help automate marketing strategies, customer support, and more, helping you make your Discord server a better place.

They help enhance and improve the overall user experience of your Discord server. There are many different things a Discord bot can do, from server moderation to user onboarding. To help understand the utility of a Discord bot, you must know the benefits of creating a Discord bot.

Why you need Discord Bots

A good discord server can have thousands of regular users. In fact, the largest communities on Discord can have more than ten million regular users. With communities as large as this, it is imperative that you provide a good experience for all users.

Unfortunately, Discord is not the easiest platform to use. For new users, it can be overwhelming. However, the best Discord bots can help make the platform better for such users. Discord bots can also help moderate and keep a friendly environment on your servers.

How to Create a Discord Bot

Creating a Discord bot is very easy. Before you start creating one, you should know that you can simply download a Discord bot to your server. There are hundreds of pre-made Discord bots that you can find on the Internet. A simple Google search will help you find the bot you need.

However, unlike gaming servers, business and marketing servers have different use cases. Most times, even the best discord bots cannot help meet your expectations and requirements. Businesses require discord bots that are custom-built for their purposes.

There are three ways to build a discord bot for discord servers:

Chatbot builder: A discord bot is essentially a chatbot for discord. So, it makes sense for chatbot builders to support Discord functionality. With certain chatbot builders, you can build your own discord bots with ease!

Workflow Automation: Workflow automation software have recently risen in popularity. While they are used to create integrations between various software, they can also indirectly be used to create Discord bots. Discord bots created with workflow automation are extremely flexible and capable.

Traditional coding: If you have the time and the resources to create your own Discord bots, you can always use the old fashioned way of traditional coding. However, do remember that simply coding a Discord bot wouldn’t be enough. You will need to maintain your bot regularly too.

How Discord Bots enhance customer experience

The good thing about Discord is that you can have multiple Discord bots for a single server and each Discord bot enhances user experience in its own ways. Here’s how Discord bots help enhance your customer experience:

  • Welcome bots or introductory bots greet new users to your Discord server and help them get started. They tell the user about how the server works, its various tiers & features, and much more. These bots are very helpful and one of the most important bots for your server. Without this, most of your users will be very confused about how to use your server.

  • Moderation bots are Discord bots that help maintain order in your server. These bots can suspend, kick, and ban spamming users or people that are toxic towards each other. Moderation bots help maintain a certain standard of friendliness within your servers. These bots are very important for large Discord servers.

  • Support bots are business-specific bots that can provide users with support regarding your products and services. These bots are the Discord equivalent of webpage chatbots. They search a relevant database and give your users the answers to their questions.

  • Entertainment bots are another category of bots created for sheer entertainment. From simple joke bots to bots that play music, entertainment bots help develop a ‘fun’ image for your brand.

All these types of Discord bots can be easily made with chatbot builders and workflow automation tools. These Discord bots are perfect for enhancing customer experience over your Discord server.

Summing Up

Discord bots will become more important with time. Discord, as a platform, is gaining recognition among the business community due to its flexibility. If you are an organization looking to use Discord for your business processes, you will need Discord bots in the future. It is the perfect time to start experimenting with Discord bots. Have fun!

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