Efficiency Problems? Try These Practical Solutions

Do you ever feel that you’re working hard but barely getting the desired results? If so, there’s a good chance your business will suffer from an efficiency problem. This common condition affects companies of all sizes and in every industry. Fortunately, there are several practical solutions. In addition to restructuring the organization’s hierarchy, many businesses focus on schedules, incentives, fleet management systems, and seeking outside assistance. If low efficiency has you scratching your head about what to do, consider the following common ways owners and entrepreneurs address the situation.

Work on the Pyramid

One of the oldest efficiency dilemmas is related to the corporate pyramid. When there are more managers than needed or not enough entry-level workers, the pyramid is lopsided. In extreme cases, it might be upside down when management personnel make the pyramid top-heavy. Check your company structure to make sure there aren’t too many generals and not enough privates.

Use Fleet Management Solutions

Transport companies can solve most efficiency-related problems by implementing fleet management systems. You can use trailer tracking software to boost profit margins, slash operating costs, increase trailer utilization, and improve customer retention. That’s because fleet management gives managers real-time visibility of every vehicle in service around the clock. When deliveries go out on time, efficiency goes up, customers are happier, expenses are lower, and fleet managers can stay on target even during the busiest months of the year.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Scheduling is closely related to job satisfaction for many everyday workers in the digital age. When people are locked into rigid schedules, week after week, productivity tends to suffer. It’s human nature to want variety and change and it is important to build a healthy and balanced routine to be truly successful. That’s why managers should offer flexible hours whenever they can. Examples of successful techniques include giving workers a choice of shifts, the chance to work weekends in exchange for weekdays off, three-day weekends after four 10-hour shifts, and more.

Revamp Incentive Programs

Sometimes, the root of the problem is related to compensation. That doesn’t always mean that you’re paying too low a wage. Often, efficiency takes a hit when employees cannot earn extra pay for putting in overtime, reaching sales goals, bringing new customers onboard, meeting safety benchmarks, and more. Consider implementing reward-type programs for exceptional workers, especially for people who set an excellent example for others in areas like sales, safety, and customer service.

Hire a Consulting Professional

Don’t feel bad if you’re unable to pinpoint the precise cause of obvious efficiency problems. In many companies, it’s next to impossible to ferret out the exact source of a supply chain slowdown, a typical customer complaint, or low profit margins on sales. Consulting firms specialize in finding root causes and recommending several workable solutions to managers. Shop around for a consultancy team experienced in your field and one that has a track record of success. Check references and ask lots of questions while interviewing candidates for the task. Fees range widely, so be upfront with consultants about what your budget will allow and what you expect in terms of timelines and results.

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