Dream it with Eyes Open with Dan Mangena

What we call a “dream” is actually an “already encoded, deep, often ignored and undervalued passion”, says Dan Mangena with that same sparkle in his eyes. A spark that tells of rejuvenation and true happiness, but one that also reveals life-long lessons from someone who himself has hit rock bottom and found his way back up. He was barely 20 when he received a late diagnosis of Aspergers, with the life shattering trauma that comes with it. Depression, countless panic attacks and suicidal thoughts filled each day. He knew he had to take responsibility for his life  without resorting to blaming the universe. And he did.

There was the constant struggle to keep all of these in check and ensure that they didn’t affect all areas of his life. His simple way out is now a masterclass, something he teaches people as a simple solution to finding lasting joy in whatever sphere of life they seek it. Indeed, he has had his own share of losses and financial troubles as a result of bad decisions. In fact, one time he lost a million pounds in litigation- all the money he had made from a business he started after dropping out of college. Mangena began to learn to take responsibility. That is the same attitude he tries to teach everyone who attends his classes, listen at a workshop or read his numerous power-packed books.

Some people say life is a journey, others say it is a constant search for purpose and fulfilment. People go through life trying to find where they fit, what they’re good at and where they belong. Many seek happiness in various things and people, and often never find it. Life is filled with ironies, paradoxes and circumstances, but it is also filled with opportunities. Humans seek prosperity and success, but as the best life coaches have said over and again; it begins in the mind.

Life is basically what we make of it and part of that process involves dreaming big and using the power of our mind. Dan Mangena is the CEO of Dream with Dan. He explains that dreaming should not merely be a fantasy or a series of sleep stories, but a subconscious attempt by our minds to create the future that we want. “Dream With Your Eyes Open,” he says. For so long, we’ve been told the importance of dreaming, but many people do not really understand what dreaming is about or how powerful it is. They lack the understanding of how to dream consciously.

Think about goal setting, for instance. To achieve your goals and see them manifest, there is a need to programme your mind for success. Mangena says – “as with everything else: this whole process starts with us. We need to address our internal programming, our subconscious and belief systems. If you do not believe or lack faith in yourself, deep down, that something is possible- you won’t see it. It just won’t show up for you.” The goal is to see things materialize in your mind, work out ways to make them happen and achieve them before you’ve even taken action.

Before you do anything, ensure you programme your mind to believe that you can do it. Mangena says you must find a way to begin to introduce evidence to your subconscious, especially in the form of emotional energy. This will start supporting your ability to manifest anything that you put you mind to, and that includes wealth. But it’s much more than just wealth; other goals can be achieved with the same positive mindset. In one interview with Forbes, he explains that there’s always a choice, no matter how few or limited, and that we’re the only ones boxing ourselves in.

So, the next time you dream, be intentional about it. Dreams are powerful when we take advantage of them. After all, 95% of what happens in our lives comes from the subconscious. Therefore, you must dream – but do it with your eyes open.

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