Dr Sevgi Ekiyor, Touches Your Life, Not Your Skin, With Facial Architecture

Facial architecture is not a single point on our skin and face that needs regeneration, wrinkle or blemish problem; It is all of the non-surgical medical applications suitable for the expression on the person’s face and the general style of the face shape. The first name that comes to mind when talking about facial architecture, Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor adds beauty to the beauty of all her patients in her clinic with her miraculous touches. Dr. Ekiyor says that the success she has achieved in her work and the sincere bond she has established with her patients are achieved by offering the most personalized and healthy alternatives for the person, as well as medical aesthetic applications.

Facial Architecture, which is one of the most curious medical applications, is made with special algorithms and calculations; It is the name given to all of the complex procedures applied for the recovery and revitalization of the skin that cannot breathe and becomes tired due to different reasons such as the deformities of the skin due to aging, an overview of the problems in different parts of the face, gravity, the area touching the pillow, the effect of the sun and air pollution.

Stating that intense collapses and sagging are seen especially in the cheek, nose, and chin areas of the face, which are called the second region, Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor considers many things while getting natural and perfect results with personalized applications. Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, states that common problems such as eyelid drooping, clarification of nasolabial lines, collapse and increase of wrinkles in the jawline called marionette and which increase the aesthetic concerns of the person and lower their self-confidence, are no longer your destiny with the right methods and treatments, and apply modern aesthetic applications with confidence and devotion in her clinic. Performing many different medical aesthetic applications such as aesthetic surgery, facial architecture, Botox, when necessary, with the slogan “Let’s smile, let’s smile”, Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor, in her profession, which she carries out by transferring her life energy, touches not only the image but also the lives with wonderful results.

Stating that the face and expressions of the patients are renewed and rejuvenated, even with the filling applied to the cheekbones or the basic procedures to raise the midface, Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor also states the importance of control and follow-up after regular and meticulous practices and says that adopting healthy life management is the beginning of every treatment. Dr. Ekiyor, who shapes innovative and inclusive medical aesthetic practices with methods such as bone fillings, Botox, youth vaccines, and skin ironing, approaches each patient with empathy and understanding and gives them a young, energetic, and lively appearance with point-to-point applications.

Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor underlined that it is one of the basic principles of her professional mission to understand what the patients who apply to her in all aesthetic applications, especially facial architecture, want and what changes are expected in the face and skin areas that disturb her, and that they can offer different solutions to each patient in facial architecture while determining personalized procedures. tells. Explaining that the applications that renew the size and posture while preserving the natural line of both the horizontal and vertical lines of the face are one of the most used methods not only by women but also by men. Sevgi Ekiyor says that with intravenous treatment support, we can support the well-being and health of our skin with treatment approaches that nourish it from the inside, and comprehensive and promising permanent solutions.

Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who says that her superior success in facial architecture depends on progress by approaching each patient specifically and preparing a personalized application and treatment plan, states that one of her most important goals in her profession, which she has made into a lifestyle, is to leave her clinic as she likes and likes herself most.

In the facial architecture technique, treatment methods such as filling, PRP, and medical product support are evaluated collectively, such as the person’s facial anatomy, bone shape on the face, and lip and nose shape. Doctor Ekiyor, who emphasizes the importance of entrusting himself to reliable and competent hands in the facial architecture technique applied according to the golden ratio, body structure, and body proportion of the person, continues to improve himself day by day with the training he received and the developments he followed.

Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who was born in Bursa in 1987 and graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine in 2011, and completed her compulsory service in Emergency Medicine in Bursa, later worked as an emergency coordinator and quality director in private hospitals in Istanbul as an executive physician. In the clinic of Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who started his adventure in Medical Aesthetic Medicine in 2015, after completing countless successful and enjoyable treatments at Maya Estetik for two and a half years in August 2018, she decided to continue her medical aesthetic medicine journey under her roof in 2018.

As a doctor, Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who is looking for inclusive and long-term healthy solutions instead of one-way and short-term solutions in her perspective and approach to the profession, attends many national and international congresses, conferences and trainings and improves herself while following the latest developments, medical products and practices. applies the newest and flawless treatment. With non-surgical and painless aesthetic applications, it allows the person to return to her daily life very quickly and comfortably. Doctor Ekiyor, who believes that the real beauty stems from the goodness in the individual, her perspective on life and her positive energy, thanks her patients and clients who chose her as a means to reveal these beauties.

The Doctor, who ensures the satisfaction of his patients every day with the treatment methods he offers in body shaping, with the treatment methods he offers in body shaping, that the problems brought by the living conditions of daily life, stress, fatigue, malnutrition, weight gain, and loss, etc. Sevgi Ekiyor applies multidisciplinary treatment methods while being with her patients not only during the procedure but also before and after.

The facial architecture technique has many advantages. First of all, it is a miraculous technique that is suitable for the person’s anatomical structure and face and is as special as fingerprints, so it does not cause discomfort naturally and figuratively. Since it covers the whole, not a single point of the face or skin, or a single deformity, it provides a whole beauty and form, not an artificial stance. For this reason, the medical procedures to be performed are applied in a way that preserves the ideal face proportion and does not lose the meaning and expression of the face. While anti-aging (anti-aging) applications are made, the most suitable application for the skin structure and lifestyle of the person is carefully selected and applied. Just as the mouth and teeth structure and the shape of the face are taken into account when lip augmentation is made, the same care and sensitivity are shown when performing applications such as eyelid lifts or French slings. Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor states that thanks to intravenous treatments that nourish and rejuvenate the cells, many anti-aging applications such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and collagen protect the cell immunity, thus making it much easier and more comfortable to have a healthier and brand-new body.

While applying the diagnosis, treatment and healing practices brought by his profession in the field of medical aesthetics, Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor adopts the philosophy of “There is no disease, there is a patient”, which is the most valid rule, and considers both individual factors such as genetics and environmental factors. Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who offers a new start to thousands of patients from Turkey and abroad with her facial architecture technique, continues patient admission and examination in her clinic in Teşvikiye.

Apart from facial architecture techniques and applications, mesotherapy and ozone therapy, Hollywood Botox, French Strap, Hair Cell Transplantation, Aqua Shine, Agassi, Jaw-Jawline Filling, Body Shaping, Hair Botox, Nucleophile (DNA Radiance), Masseter. Doctor Sevgi Ekiyor, who practices aesthetic treatments, gives her patients the most beautiful smiles with the slogan “Let’s smile, let’s make them smile.”

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