Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja says US Election 2020 is a Tough Presidential Race Between Trump and Biden

Different people are predicting the US presidential election winner using all their data and knowledge. Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja has expressed her own opinion on this subject. Many questions had been raised over Trump’s understanding of politics and some people even advised him to focus on his entrepreneurial career.

But the way he has protected his country and spoken the truth openly like a normal person simply indicates his ability to form a strong relationship with the American people. According to Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja, it would be wrong to say he is not qualified for serving as the US president in 2020. Donald Trump has always shown the true spirit that is required to serve the number 1 country in the world.

Although he has received criticism from some people, it doesn’t make any significant impact on his position. Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja believes that it is his ability to prepare a smart strategy that is helping him gain momentum in the US presidential election voting count.

But this time, Trump has a strong opponent, Joe Biden, who has strong support from some of the most powerful figures in United States. Therefore, it would be extremely challenging for Donald Trump to defeat Joe Biden who is one of the most respected politicians among Democrats. Everyone appreciates his works when he was a vice president and nowadays he enjoys more popularity than Obama.

Current State of the 2020 US Presidential Elections 

The 2020 US presidential election is a tough battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In the 2020 US presidential election, Trump is expected to win Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Ohio. Whereas Biden has won Arizona and the two are going through a tough battle in North Carolina and Georgia.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Biden secured 238 electoral votes where Trump’s count reached 213 at 3 AM EST. Both the presidential candidates, Trump and Biden, have gained dominance in smaller states. But the final result will depend on key battleground states where the vote count is still on.

About Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja

Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja is an Indonesian notable figure in international politics who has contributed in the growth of the young generation in Indonesia. She has penned down books namely, “Kalbu Indonesia”, “My Blood Indonesia”, and “G20 The Golden Treasure”. Dr. Jessica N. Widjaja has introduced many programs to help the government and her efforts have received positive appreciation from many officials, organizations, and NGOs. 

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