Dr. Delbar Niroushak –  System of Empowerment and Accountability Management to Thrive

“Development in general doesn’t make you a better employee or better Leader. Development is a process that creates growth, progress, positive change with intention that makes you invest the best in you to add purpose and meaning to your life and the rest of the world.”  

Dr. Delbar Niroushak

We live in a massively advanced era as compared to earlier times. This era persistently emphasizes a more progressive result leading towards fastidious growth. The ongoing dynamics of present times don’t authorize any organization to rest, instead pushes every firm to do better than before. This vibrant environment augments the competition in the market, which at times can be frustrating. The pulsating competition can wear out the analytical capacities of many intellectuals affecting their ability to think or create further. Specifically, when CEOs or leaders are to face VUCA environmental pressure that is now the norm in certain industries and areas of the business world. VUCA demands that you avoid traditional, outdated approaches to management and leadership, and day-to-day working. Understanding how to mitigate these qualities can greatly improve the strategic abilities of a leader and lead to better outcomes.

This is where organizational developers like Dr. Delbar Niroushak come in handy as many are not aware of the VUCA environment and the self-mastery as a core compenetcy to tackle this situation. Hence many organizational developers claim to train executives on the resilience of a VUCA leadership. Amidst the many goals of organizational development the major aim is to balance the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. This motive helps in restructuring employment resources, which includes human capital, such that efficient and productive use can be made of the resources of an organization. Those businesses that successfully implement OD tenants often exhibit higher levels of organizational agility: successfully traversing new challenges with speed and minimal disruption.

While there are many business developers in the market, Dr. Delbar Niroushak, born on September 11, 1976, currently serves as the co-founder of Seamaticx, a virtual platform for organizational development as a solution to concur success and maintain growth. Besides that, she is seen as a celebrated figure when it comes to her performance. Dr. Delbar earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Phoenix University in the United States. In addition to her psychology background, she holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree and a degree in Human Resource Management from The Open University in the United Kingdom. She also holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Law degree. Her multiple qualifications in various domains are one of the biggest factors that lead to her terrific conduct. Due to this, she has also had the honor of assisting major companies in identifying inefficiencies, optimizing operations, and reducing costs while maintaining or improving service and product quality. Thus making their firms more competitive.

Presently, Dr. Niroushak’s main focus lies in spreading awareness regarding the model she has constructed called the Accountability Management through the SEAM ( System of Empowerment and Accountability Management ) process. This is a science-based and holistic approach to Organizational Development with emphasizing capabilities that will allow the organization to be able to predict the unpredictable. This model, which comprises 5 enablers listed below, solely works on the management of a VUCA environment teaching many the skills required to embark on a journey of a VUCA leadership.

The Accountability Management Enablers:

1)    Self-mastery: Refers to a person’s familiarization with their personal growth and progress, and the supremacy to control themselves in critical situations.

2)    Smarter Leadership: Comprehending the nature of leadership required and creating a systematic approach to changes in order to accomplish more success.

3)    A Cohesive Team: The proficiency in how to handle your team and stimulate them to work in a desired fashion. All this while expanding their comfort zones, earning more success and building more resilience in action.

4)    A coaching mindset: It is a fundamental thought provoking sense of belonging to pave more innovative ideas with a partnership approach which consumes the area needed to the space to build resolutions.

5)    Agility: It is to lower the cost and waste in companies and facilitate change rapidly by focusing on value and building resilience so a system is established for the company to generate more revenue and increase profit margin in a timely manner.

There is a result based on the impact of the model in each enabler, where a company’s quartile numbers depict the progress rate will prove the results and also showcases how the factors scoring affects the progress.

Your Company

Total Database

Top Quartile

Total Database



Total Database








Smarter Leadership





Cohesive Team





Coaching Mindset










Overall Accountability 






The table provides a comprehensive breakdown of various factors within your company across different quartiles, showcasing the effectiveness of accountability management enablers before and after intervention. The metrics, measured on a scale from 1 to 10, highlight the substantial improvements witnessed post-intervention across all aspects. Self-mastery, initially below average at 4.23 in the bottom quartile, experienced a noteworthy surge to 8.90 in the top quartile, signifying a significant enhancement in individuals’ self-awareness, emotional control, and goal-oriented focus. Similarly, Smarter Leadership exhibited a remarkable shift from 3 in the bottom quartile to 8.4 in the top quartile, indicating a profound transformation in leadership styles aligned with the company’s success criteria. Cohesive Team dynamics saw substantial improvement as well, with a rise from 4.9 in the bottom quartile to 7.67 in the top quartile, emphasizing a more engaged and collaborative workforce. The implementation of a coaching mindset also yielded positive results, evident from the increase in scores across quartiles. Lastly, the Agility factor showcased a significant leap from 2.5 in the bottom quartile to 5.4 in the top quartile, illustrating enhanced adaptability, cost reduction, and a focus on value creation. Overall, the company’s comprehensive accountability management strategy led to a substantial rise in the overall accountability management score from 2.43 in the bottom quartile to 7.17 in the top quartile, marking a notable improvement in the company’s performance and organizational culture.

The provided data reveals an intriguing narrative of evolution within an organization, portraying a clear picture of the efficacy of an empowerment and accountability-based framework. From the initial metrics to the post-intervention measurements across self-mastery, leadership, team dynamics, coaching mindset, agility, and overall accountability management, the progression is nothing short of remarkable.

Dr. Niroushak’s efforts have not been disregarded and in return for her contributions, she has been awarded various accolades and holds countless esteemed certifications and qualifications. She is widely recognized as an MCC-ICF leadership and business coach, as well as an HR performance strategist while being an expert in Agile Enterprise coaching with a focus on market expansion.

In the grand tapestry of organizational development, Dr. Delbar Niroushak emerges as a luminary, illuminating the path to promote a growth mindset in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and a BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear and Incomprehensible) world. Her passion, expertise, and accolades paint a portrait of a leader who not only empowers businesses to thrive but also enriches the human spirit, reminding us that true development transcends the professional realm, making us better humans capable of adding beauty and meaning to our lives and the world at large. With Dr. Niroushak’s guidance, the journey of VUCA leadership becomes an inspiring symphony of growth, innovation, and boundless possibilities.

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