Dr. Cat explains the Challenges of Being a Female Plastic Surgeon.

Plastic surgery is by far one of the most crucial decisions one makes in his or her life. Whether it is done as a corrective measure or as a tool for further enhancing your body— the procedures can sometimes be overwhelming. A reliable and trustworthy surgeon can help make the entire process smooth while driving exciting results in the end. Dr. Cat Begovic, a renowned female plastic surgeon, throws light on the challenges female surgeons face today and shares the contributing aspects associated with them.

Walking through her inspiring journey of studying in medical school and residency, she discussed the hurdles that came her way. Getting into the highly competitive Head and Neck Surgery training at UCLA, Dr. Cat quickly noticed that the competition had other nuances involved. “It was surprising to see more males than females in the room, especially when the work was more female oriented!” shares Dr. Cat.

Shockingly, 90% of the patients who opt for the procedures are women, yet the treatment administrators are primarily men. Dr. Cat also gives insight, supported by established studies, into other potential reasons fewer women chose to become plastic surgeons.

Making A Choice

Dr. Cat expresses the growing concern of most middle-aged women who aspire to pursue surgical training but end up at other places. She shared that only 12-13% of the entire female physician population pursue surgery as their prime career.

It is significantly affected by the choice they have to make between their motherhood and medical residency. Dr. Cat shares, “Surgical residencies can be extensive and leave women in a dilemma to choose between serving the patients or bearing children in the longer run.”

There is minimal leverage given to the women who opt for maternity leaves followed by the difficulty after coming back from being on maternity leave. The inflexible schedule involved in plastic surgery training makes choosing this field extremely difficult for women in medicine who want families.

Lack of Mentorship

Dr. Cat highlights the role of a guiding mentor in the lives of medical surgeons and how a lack in this sphere can affect the trainees. “You need someone to look up to while walking on this exhilarating path.” shares Dr. Cat, who understands the imperative value a mentor adds to your life.

To improve the situation and attract more female students to the surgery career path, Dr. Cat endeavors to mentor trainees under her guidance and help them build a firm profession.

She also handles a compelling social media presence to connect with patients and fans worldwide and share insights into surgical and reconstructive career options.

Ethnic Diversity

Another contributing factor to fewer women entering the plastic surgery domain is the underrepresented ethnic distribution across the field. An extension of the gender-based demarcations, there is also a lack of cultural groups getting into the medical residency.

This has played an integral role in the stagnant growth of the industry. Dr. Cat establishes this as a significant challenge faced by aspiring female surgeons. “Rich ethnic diversity has the potential to pull incredible talent which often goes unnoticed.”, she added.

If you too wish to streamline your career path in surgery and reconstructive training, reach out to Dr. Cat and help your profession get an edge.

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