Documents Reveal Psychics Were CIA’s Best Bet for Exploring Ancient Mars

Documents Reveal Psychics Were CIA’s Best Bet for Exploring Ancient Mars

Whenever ‘space exploration’ is mentioned, certain things come to mind: rockets, astronauts, rovers. But if we didn’t have those, only our minds and imaginations remain to explore those distant places. Interestingly, the US government once thought exactly the same thing, and their methods would astound even the best online psychics.  

On May 22, 1984 a CIA agent interviewed a psychic with the purpose of exploring a new territory. But, one important detail on the transcript states that neither of them knew where exactly they were exploring. Particularly, the agent placed a sealed envelope before the psychic which stated the purpose of the interview on a 3 X 5 card:

The Planet Mars.

Time of interest approximately

1 million years B.C. 

Then the interview began. 

An Out-Of-This-World Interview 

The CIA agent gave the psychic several pairs of coordinates to view remotely. The best online psychics use this technique to explore places and events not physically around them. Thus, ‘remote-viewers’ describe the raw data they perceive without trying to interpret it. The following describes what the psychic saw as he travelled through an ancient Mars landscape:

“I kind of got an oblique view of a, ah, pyramid or pyramid form. It’s very high, it’s kind of sitting in a large depressed area. I’m tracking severe, severe clouds, more like dust storm[s]. I’m looking at an after-effect of a major geologic problem. I just keep seeing very large people. They appear thin and tall, but they’re very large, wearing some kind of clothes.” 

Additionally, the remote-viewer saw a civilization seeking shelter from ‘severe’ storms. However, something happened to their environment that caused them to flee. What was it? Unfortunately, any of the best online psychics will tell you that they cannot judge the information they receive, only relay it. 

A Strange Landscape

Eventually the CIA agent stops giving the psychic coordinates and lets him freely describe everything he sees:

“Deep inside of a cavern, not of a cavern, more like [a] canyon. I’m looking up, the sides of a steep wall that seem to go on forever. And there’s like a structure…it’s like the wall of the canyon has been carved. Again, I’m getting very large structures [sic]…huge sections of smooth stone…it’s like a rabbit warren, corners of rooms, they’re really huge. Perception is that the ceiling is very high, walls very wide. They have a …ah…appears to be the very end of a very large road and there’s a marker thing that’s very large. Keep getting Washington Monument overlay, it’s like an obelisk…see pyramids…they’re huge.”

After describing various monuments, the remote-viewer turns his attention to the physical characteristics of the landscape. And the results are anything but pleasant: 

“It’s filtered from storms or something… They’re like shelters from storms. Different chambers…but they’re almost stripped of any kind of furnishings or anything, it’s like ah…strictly [a] functional place for sleeping or that’s not a good word, hibernations, some form, I can’t, I get real raw inputs, storms, savage storm, and sleeping through storms. They’re ancient people. They’re dying. It’s past their time or age. They’re very philosophic about it…just looking for a way to survive and they just can’t. They’re…ah…evidently was a…a group or party of them that went to find…ah…new place to live. It’s like I’m getting all kinds of overwhelming input of the corruption of their environment. It’s failing very rapidly and this group went somewhere, like a long way to find another place to live.”

Questions Remain

Notably, the envelope was not opened until after the interview, meaning that the remote-viewer had to access the information psychically. But the transcript leaves many questions for even the best online psychics. Although, we want to know what the CIA was looking for more than 1 million years ago on Mars? Still, it is more worrying to know: what if they found it? 

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