Do Cosmetic Procedures Build Self Confidence? Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner Anush Movsesian Shares Insights

Cosmetic surgery has changed immensely throughout the years. From full-scale surgeries to injectables, the art of cosmetic medicine has evolved, paving the way for an industry built on science and art. Cosmetic treatment is more about enhancing a person’s beauty and confidence than changing who you are, and cosmetic nurse practitioner Anush Movsesian believes that combining the science of medicine and aesthetics achieves the best results. 

A​nush Movsesian is a highly experienced injector and nurse practitioner who currently practices in West Hollywood, California. Specializing in aesthetic medicine, Movsesian provides injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments, and skincare consultations. “My goal is always to deliver natural-looking results that enhance my patients’ beauty by achieving glowing skin,” says Movsesian. “Through subtle facial sculpting and individualized skincare treatment plans, I strive to build confidence in men and women.”

Movsesian has always been incredibly passionate about beauty. Following her graduation from Woodbury University, she launched her successful blog ‘itsnotaboutinnerbeauty’ before the rise of social media. Attracting a tremendous following due to her innate understanding of aesthetics, Movsesian was inspired to take her career a step forward by enrolling in nursing school. Having graduated with honors, Movsesian worked for a prominent plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, where she got her foot in the door. “It was a fantastic experience, and I learned so much,” states Movsesian. 

“True success is all about merging passion with skill and positively impacting others,” explains Movsesian. “I have always found that cosmetic procedures are this delicate dance between science and art, and that is what I truly love about my job.” Understanding how beauty and science work together separates Movsesian from the pack, making her one of the most sought-after practitioners in southern California.

Cosmetic procedures can be quite technical, but they alter a person’s appearance and, in turn, increase their confidence. It’s all about improving someone’s state of well-being, which can’t be achieved through technical work alone. “If I can use my eye for aesthetics and my knowledge in science to bring out the best in someone, I’ve done my job,” says Movsesian. With a unique and delicate approach, Anush Movsesian continues to be a trailblazer in a relatively saturated yet in-demand industry.

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