Discover BLEAM: House Music’s Fast-Rising Star

In the House Music industry, few artists are experiencing as much success as Southern California artist BLEAM (@BLEAM). The project of DJ Ryan Eshaghi, BLEAM has been delivering high quality and praised records such as “Antigua” and “Freak Show”, as well as having unique opportunities through record labels like Do Not Duplicate, Mixmash Records, and more. BLEAM is becoming a fast-rising start that you need to watch.

Learn more about what makes Eshaghi tick, and how he creates genre-bending music with this exclusive interview:

Can you tell us the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your time as a producer?

One of the most influential things that has impacted my journey was Scooter Braun’s interview with The Blueprint. Braun’s perspective on building a creative brand has fundamentally changed how I consider developing my own online presence to promote my music and other interests.

In a nutshell, the idea that struck me most was that you have to learn to trust other people to continue moving forward in your career. If you try to do everything yourself and stay closed-minded, you won’t be able to get very far. That fact is even more true in the music industry, where so much depends on your ability to network and connect with other artists and industry execs.

Something I always try to do is be open to collaborate with others about my ideas and projects. Since I work hard to surround myself with trustworthy, forward-thinking, and kind people, I’ve been honored to be part of some incredible experiences.

Tell us about your biggest successes since launching BLEAM.

I’ve been pumped to have had the opportunity to sign two tracks this year to Mixmash Records. Mixmash is the same label that discovered artists like Avicii, who has been one of my biggest inspirations for his songwriting. Shortly after, I signed a record to Do Not Duplicate Recordings, and I was thrilled for that because I look up to Bijou as both a producer and because of his values.

I also had the chance to play a show late last year with JOYRYDE, who is one of the most humble and down to earth artists I’ve ever met. It was surreal having the opportunity to open for John – and the best part was sitting down with him after the show and getting his feedback on some of my music. I’m just grateful for opportunities like that – getting to rub shoulders with some of the industry greats and learning from them as well.

What kinds of fun and exciting things are on the horizon for you?

It’s really hard to land on one single future goal or idea. Something that has always been a passion of mine is passing along knowledge to others, so I think that teaching or education may be in my future in some way. I also am very passionate about blockchain. I’m doing some consulting work right now for a company called Vezt, which is a blockchain-based mobile app where music fans can share royalty rights for songs and recordings by artists they love.

While some people assume that I would love to spend the rest of my life only doing music, there is another area that gets me just as excited – the culinary arts. I have always loved sushi. There is something about the intricacies and complexities involved with making the perfect piece of nigiri or fusion dish that connects with me deeply. It’s even become part of my inspiration for my music as well. It’s a far-fetched dream right now, but I’d love to open my own sushi lounge and incorporate a musical element in it too.

I’m looking forward to releasing more tracks soon, as well as getting back on the performance circuit once the pandemic restrictions ease up on live music. I’m stoked to share a more specific sonic focus for 2021 and beyond.

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