Digital expert and entrepreneur Abhay Pandya unfolds how moment marketing is working brilliantly on the web

The use of social media in day-to-day business has seen the rise of many digital consultants and entrepreneurs. Looking at the latest trends in the market, it can be safe to say that digital media plays an integral role in developing business strategies. The only thing to sustain in this field is the novelty and the capability to stay in trends with the latest happenings on the internet. With creating trends on his own, Abhay Pandya took social media by storm with his extraordinary content. He has been the mastermind behind building some of the most popular accounts on Instagram. The young and talented guy in his exceptional career has given many small-scale brands the exposure to be at the forefront in the digital space.

Abhay who is based in Bhavnagar of the Gujarat state has a good command over social media marketing, strategizing, digital campaigning and online advertising. His accounts on Instagram namely ‘millionaire_lines’, ‘successcharge’, ‘6amhacks’, ‘successcode’, ‘trollscasm’, ‘istudentsfacts’ and ‘the.confused.indian’ have had a fanbase in millions. Through these pages, the main goal of Abhay Pandya is to create diversified content for a different audience. In these years, he has put his focus on creating different types of content like memes, trending posts, motivational content,

informative and educational content and many more. Moreover, for any brand to draw the attention of advertisements, they tend to utilize digital media rather than the traditional means of marketing.

In today’s era, many brands are fascinated by the concept of moments.

Knowing what to post at what time targeting which audience is very crucial for the brand to build its reputation. Abhay’s knowledge and skills about content creation have seen him build a network of more than 15 million followers on social media. Being a qualified mechanical engineer, he could have played it safe, but the ever-growing demand for social media ignited Abhay’s passion.

Observing how his friends got entertained by watching online memes inspired Pandya to create content that is unique in its way. To become a champ, he decided to not follow the rat-race and instead create a path of his own.

Today he is one of the emerging digital entrepreneurs who gives his best to remain relevant in the competitive world. Sharing his views on memes breaking the internet, Abhay revealed, “Memes are here to stay, irrespective of who the audience is. The audience wants to be entertained by going through funny posts.” Last but not the least, Abhay Pandya suggests that every brand on the

internet should create an identity of their own. “It will not only remain distinct but will help in the recall value of the brand”, he added. Learning and experimenting with things on his own, Abhay Pandya has proved that he is here to stay and excel in this competitive world of the internet.

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