‘Destiny 2’ year two winds down with Moments of Triumph starting July 9th

The famous online game, Destiny 2 is drifting towards the end of its second year which is why the developer is hosting a known event to celebrate this occasion. The event, dubbed as ‘Moments of Triumph’ will kick start on July 9 and will focus on awarding you special loot whenever you complete major milestones in the game. For now, just teasers showcasing what the rewards actually involve are available, though names such as ‘O Murderer Mine’ and ‘Bedazzled’ denote that you might have to be innovative.

No matter what your Destiny 2 version is, all of the in-game triumphs would be still be available to you. You don’t have to shell out a penny in order to earn vehicles, emblems or any other perks. You just require Forsaken if you wish to purchase the real world T-shirt which is available after you complete all the 15 triumphs. The 2019 ‘Moments of Triumph’ would run until August 27, so you will have to play the game more often if you wish to earn all the offered rewards.

Besides this, the event ‘Solstice of Heroes’ is also making a comeback this year and would include 7 of its very own triumphs and the mandatory new gear as well. Though its exact date of arrival has not been disclosed yet, one can still expect details regarding this to arrive by July 24.

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