Despite weeks of threats, ICE raids begin with a whimper yet still stoke fears

On Sunday, the extensively intimidated raids by Immigration & Customs Enforcement were carried out in the U.S., but on a comparatively small scale. The raids were paired with a scattered arrest pattern which managed to spark a sense of fear amid the immigrant communities residing in the country.

These raids were hyped for more than a week by the current U.S. President Donald Trump. The cities under the radar included San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Atlanta, as well as Houston.

Up until Sunday evening, no arrests had been reported in the LA area. Some fear that the notion of this widespread raid actually failed to transpire. In Florida, the ICE representatives were spotted on Sunday knocking on the doors by the Miami International Airport. The raids were also carried out in the Immokalee based migrant farming group on Friday. However, no arrests have been made as of now, mentioned Melissa Taveras, a representative for the Miami-based Florida Immigrant Association.

Taveras also mentioned that the migrant advocates advised the families to remember the contact details of their relatives or attorney to call in case they get detained by the ICE. As of now, the families detained under the raid have been furnished the final orders for removal.

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