Deshaun Watson’s Verdict on Sexual Misconduct is Out!

Deshaun Watson’s verdict on sexual misconduct is here, although there are chances of harsher decisions ahead. The NFL has cleared that they wouldn’t agree to the preliminary suspension.

Instead, the league is looking forward to imposing an indefinite suspension. The entire incident of Watson and the sexual allegations against him has caused havoc in the NFL world. It has affected the vegas NFL odds, which displays the probability of the betting outcome. 

It has also influenced the NFL lines that determine the parameters to wager on the favorite or underdog in the NFL. 

Watson’s Incident and Verdict on Sexual Misconduct

26-year-old Deshaun Watson is an American quarterback who plays for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. He was traded to Cleveland in March, before which he played four seasons with the Houston Texans. 

He was accused by several women of sexual misconduct during massage treatment in Texas. As football is one the most popular sports in Michigan and other parts of the US, viewers are eyeing Watson’s decision curiously. 

Watson has recently settled 23 out of 24 lawsuits, where he was alleged of sexual harassment and assault during massage treatments. These lawsuits were for the incidents that occurred in the last two years. 

The judge has spoken

Judge Sue L. Robinson has come up with a verdict where Watson will be meted for a

six-game suspension on the 2020 NFL Passing Yards leader. He will also have to compensate about $345,000 from the $230 million deal signed with the Cleveland Browns.

For this incident, the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) is working with Watson and his group. Both of them aren’t agreeing on any suspension for more than six games on the player. 

While there are reports that the NFL might agree to a 12-game suspension and fine, there are still no such claims from the league’s side.

As per Robinson’s 16-page report on the issue, Watson’s Incident is the “most significant punishment ever imposed on an NFL player for allegations of nonviolent sexual conduct.” He also mentioned his behavior to be “more egregious than any before reviewed by the NFL.” Judge Robinson has heard testimonies from 4 different women. 

Meanwhile, the NFL’s stance on indefinite suspension can also cause problems for the league. It’s likely that the NFLPA will sue them, and the entire issue could be transferred to the federal court.

On the other hand, it’s also a tough time for Cleveland as their future situation for quarterbacks depends a lot on the situation.  

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