DeKalb County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office, and Armor Correctional Health Services: A Successful Partnership with the Sheriff’s Office

This partnership marks the latest step in the organization’s successful transition from an independent medical and mental health contract provider into a complete integrated medical and behavioral healthcare program. Its new partnership with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is an excellent testament to this 

Armor Correctional Health Services, also known as Armor Health, has already cared for over a million patients in federal facilities, jails, and prisons nationwide. The multi-state correctional healthcare organization will continue to grow and reach countless new patients, having successfully partnered with the Georgia-based DeKalb County crucial transition.

For example, the Atlanta metropolitan area sheriff’s office’s staff occupancy rate increased from 62 to over 90 percent within 18 days of partnering with Armor Correctional Health Services. This increase promptly eliminated a significant backlog of physical and mental health assessments and encounters, directly improving patient outcomes.

Armor Health

Armor Health opened its doors in South Florida in 2004 to deliver best-in-class healthcare provisions within correctional environments. A decade later, and by 2014, it had expanded significantly, developing a national footprint and reaching a milestone of one million patients served.

Twenty years later, the operation is as committed as ever to laser-focused clinical outcomes and class-leading interventions. Armor Health uses proprietary insights analytics to prioritize care for patient populations, which is dedicated to ushering in a new era of healthcare led by current CEO and chairman Otto Campo.

The organization and its team’s collective focus remains firmly on supporting this new era of healthcare. That’s in addition to developing broad-ranging partnerships to improve broader healthcare outcomes while simultaneously providing ongoing patient support and fostering wellness and well-being throughout the populations they serve.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office’s mission is to demonstrate accountability, excellence, and respect in its personnel’s professional and personal lives. The Decatur, Georgia-based sheriff’s office highly values its expectations and is a proud, long-standing, and fundamentally integral part of the local community.

Newly partnered with Armor Health, the sheriff’s office promises to respect and honor the rights and dignity of those it serves. Other working relationships help the sheriff’s office connect officers and civilian employees with the diverse communities that call the surrounding towns and cities home through events, partnerships, tours, and more.

Armor Correctional Health Services & DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

Miami-Dade County, South Florida-headquartered Armor Health’s transition into a comprehensive, integrated medical and behavioral healthcare program alongside the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office took just 40 days. The two organizations went from contract award to contract start in under six weeks.

Armor Health hopes its transition from an independent contract provider to a complete integrated healthcare program alongside partners like the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office will form the basis for further successful expansion. The correctional healthcare organization now seeks to form similar relationships with partners nationwide.

Visit to learn more about Armor Health’s work in federal facilities nationwide and its efforts to reach more patients through its pioneering integrated medical and behavioral healthcare programs.

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