CYBUR’s CEO Charles Glar Offers Free Web Hosting Services To Small Businesses Affected By Recession

CYBUR’s current CEO Charles Glar wants to help the companies who need a hand to get up and rebuild themselves during the world economic crisis. Artificial intelligence company CYBUR is helping small businesses remain afloat during the hard times of pandemic.

Many big companies around the world are reaching out to comparatively new and small businesses to give them offers that will help them to grow and not shut down.

CYBUR is such a company which is giving lifeline to businesses. Tough times have affected everyone and there are companies who understand the need of the hour. Assistance and guidance is needed during these times so that the economy can come to a steady growth. CYBUR is offering the small businesses a deal to last a lifetime.

The company knows that more than 80,000 small businesses across the US closed down between March and July in 2020. The hardworking individuals who are still trying to remain afloat are looking for ways to survive in the business. They are clueless about the future.

Small businesses need to be brought on track, rebuild their customer base and expand new doors for a better future. CYBUR is helping them do exactly that free of charge and for life. It is a company that gives complete web services from designing to marketing to ultimately shipping and e-commerce.

It is an artificial intelligence-based global web design firm that uses AI and human experts who in 60 seconds make a completely new, customized website for any company.

CYBUR has more than 10k customers from around the world who have used their services to grow their business. Any business owner who takes part in the free web hosting will also get a little help with marketing and promotions.

CYBUR will provide any owner with free marketing materials that provide small businesses with helpful tools to attract customers and build your brand. The sign up period will start from 7th December, 2020 and will be of two months.

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