Crafting Childhood Memories and the Rise of Keen to Be Seen

A captivating narrative of inspiration, resilience, and creativity weaves through the foundation of the innovative child swear company, Keen to be Seen. The company’s co-owner, Lesley Greenspan, exemplifies a legacy of fashion prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey, grounded in a passion for fashion kindled in the streets of Westchester and honed in the halls of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, has led her to co-create a brand redefining children’s wear.

Lesley was no stranger to the world of fashion. Born and raised in Westchester, she was inspired by her mother, Ellyn Greenspan, a successful fashion designer who managed one of the largest dress companies of her era after earning her degree from the prestigious Moore College of Art. Ellyn’s entrepreneurial ventures extended worldwide, with companies like Cowgirls Heehaw and Bubbles Larue under her belt.

Before stepping into business ownership, Lesley garnered experience from an eclectic blend of industries. From interning with the famed Elie Tahari to venturing into the food industry, her diversified skills found their true calling when a global crisis unfolded in March 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, Lesley and her mother turned adversity into opportunity. With a surplus of fabric at hand and a desperate need for protection, they began creating masks. These masks served a dual purpose – protecting wearers while facilitating communication, a feature that won the hearts of hundreds of thousands, including numerous celebrities.

Their philanthropic efforts and keen business sense led Lesley to Shopify, enabling their masks to reach wider audiences and helping the company make significant strides. This success was a turning point for Lesley, whose passion for fashion beckoned her back. As the pandemic improved, she transitioned to a domain close to her heart – children’s wear. Thus, “Keen to be Seen” was born.

Keen to be Seen is a manifestation of Lesley’s commitment to innovative fashion, operating two factories in Queens and Brooklyn, with 22 dedicated workers in each. Currently specializing in children’s denim wear, the company proudly showcases its unique product, the “Pocket It Jacket.” This jacket, adorned with clear pockets, is a canvas for children’s creativity and self-expression. Tested and embraced by children with learning disabilities, it keeps kids engaged and allows them to celebrate their achievements and creations.

The future of Keen to be Seen is as bright and ambitious as its co-founder, Lesley. Striving to become a household name, she tirelessly showcases new items in schools, country clubs, and numerous trade shows, generating significant foot traffic and product interest. But her aspirations for the Pocket It Jacket go beyond fashion. Drawing inspiration from her mother, who once designed a pocket-ed jacket for an insulin pump, Lesley dreams of seeing her jackets in hospitals, where they can provide comfort and a creative outlet to children undergoing treatments.

Behind Keen to be Seen is a tale of passion, resilience, and the desire to make a difference, one fashion statement at a time. Follow their journey on Instagram @keen_tobeseen and explore their innovative product range on their website. The rise of Keen to be Seen is not just about crafting childhood memories but also about envisioning a future where every child is keen to be seen.


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