#Covid19: Stay Real to Stay Safe, said Can Muhammed Karagoz

(Photo Courtesy of the London Fashion Week)

The world is always full of surprises. If we look at history, we will see how certain events and characters became a premonitory message of what was going to happen in the future. This happens in all areas of life, happens in social sciences like politics and religion, and in culture, integrated for modeling, painting, acting and more.

If you are looking for an exact example of this, you need to see the case of Can Muhammed Karagoz.

As it happens every year, in 2016 was made another edition of the London Fashion Week, one of the most important events in the Clothing and Fashion industry worldwide. London was again the main center for the creativity of most famous designers in the world, and for the most professional and notorious models.

Can  Muhammed  Karagoz  was  between  the  group  of  notorious  models  that  participated  in  the London Fashion Week. The famous Turkish-American model and resident of New York City, was seen on the runway with a particular outfit that generated a big impact in the audience: a mask to protect his face, and a pair of sneakers with the massage “Stay Real.”

As a premonitory moment of the future, Can Muhammed Karagoz used an accessory that was named to be part of the regular outfit for citizens in present day: a mask to protect us to be infected of Coronavirus or COVID-19, a virus that have provoked a terrible epidemic, being the responsible of thousands of death in each continent.

Looking to help the eradication of the epidemic, to safe innocent lives and to help the recovery of his main home, New York; Can Muhammed Karagoz, inspired by the outfit he used in the London Fashion Week, have create the powerful quote and movement: Stay Real to Stay Safe.

In Can Muhammed Karagoz words:

“Stay  Real  to  Stay  Safe  is  a  powerful  message  that’s  motivating  people  to  take  every  possible precaution and actions to stop the advance of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. If we all work together, we can overcome this difficult situation, with the lowest number of victims. Just as I used the mask and  the “Stay Real” sneakers in the 2016 Edition  of the London Fashion Week,  today I  invite people to Stay Real to Stay Safe, and to overcome together this crisis.”

His message is powerful and full of honesty. Without a doubt, Stay Real to Stay Safe is an excellent initiative, made by one of the most famous models in the world.

In this moment of crisis, only initiatives like the one made by  Can Muhammed  Karagoz, a very well-know  celebrity,  can  produce  the  positive  influence  that  thousands  of  people  need  to  take action, and to fight the epidemic of COVID-19.

About Can Muhammed Karagoz: Famous model, dancer and entrepreneur.  Can Muhammed Karagoz is recognized for participating each year in the main events of the fashion shows all around the world, in cities like Milan, Tokyo, London, Paris and New York. Professional Dancer specializes in Ballroom and Latin American dancing.

Organization: SM Global Catwalk
Executive director: Samina Mughal
Designer: KGJ Launch
Photographer: NMB Media

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