Cory S Powers Discusses the Importance of Charity Work for the Successful Business Person

As a successful businessperson with many years of experience, Cory S Powers is proud of his successes and philanthropic achievements, but charity is one of the biggest loves of his life, and notes how it is important for others in professional settings to provide support for those who need it. Understanding his many unique charity causes and how they help others is critical to this process.

The Importance of Charity

Over the years, he has worked with many charitable organizations, and taking this process seriously should be considered a high priority. Business people, in particular, should be charitable because many rely on the public for their needs. Beyond this simple reason, charity is critical for helping those less fortunate improve their lives.

He started getting involved with Folds of Honor, a charitable organization dedicated to helping America’s disabled and fallen service members get an education. It provides military members scholarships, educational programs, and much more to help them become happier and healthier. It’s the least we can do for these American heroes. 

Cory S Powers also donated to Heifer International and the Epilepsy Foundation, important groups supporting many individuals. Closer to his heart is Easter Seals, an organization where he donates his time directly by helping children during Parents Night Out. His daughter receives help from Easter Seals and InStride Hippotherapy, which he also supports. 

While his work with Easter Seals is naturally more meaningful, he finds that all of his charity work makes him proud, and there’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve helped others, especially those who need it the most. Those individuals struggling with day-to-day tasks often need the most help, and people like Powers are more than ready to provide it when possible. 

Just as importantly, other business people need to follow this example and start helping out wherever they can participate in charity. Not that no one is helping or doing their part. Most of the organizations he supports are funded entirely by charitable donations, which means plenty of kind-hearted people are out there giving help to those individuals who can’t help themselves.

Giving a few hundred dollars a year to a charity is better than nothing. Some charities need all the help they can get; even a small donation can help them in need. When possible, donating time is just as important as donating money. Cory Powers likes to attend charitable foundation events and support them by giving his time and energy freely. Doing so will help business people feel better about themselves and make a real difference in the lives of people they may never meet. 

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