Compound Takes His Business Background and Applies It to His Music Career

Hailing from a business background, Compound is an artist from Wisconsin who has always had an edge over the competition. For years he has been involved in the music business, helping other artists reach high levels of success. In the last couple years, Compound made the decision to use his connections for his own shot to become a successful rapper.

Compound’s first release came on May 29, 2019 with his release of “Right Now”. Since the rapper was two feet deep in the industry prior due to business ventures, he received almost immediate acceptance with his peers. With talent mixed with the knowledge of marketing, Compound was able to grow his debut track to one hundred thousand streams.

Currently, Compound is an independent artist and hasn’t chosen to sign to any major record labels. This has been partly due to the fact that the Wisconsin native already can do most of the things that a label could offer. For example, Compound has his own clothing line that he built on his own. This has been a steady income stream for him, especially since he doesn’t have to share his earnings with any label.

With the talent and business knowledge Compound has, he has been able to generate a thriving music career for himself. Currently with more than one hundred thousand listeners, he is only scratching the surface of what could come.

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