Cody Vaujin Reflects on the Toughest Lessons Learned in his Sports Handicapping Career

Cody Vaujin has built a reputable name for himself and is known in the sports handicapping industry as the “GOAT.” He has been able to take immense risks without a minute’s hesitation and turn them into huge profits. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Vaujin. The entrepreneur has had some downfalls, but he’s managed to get right back up and learn from the hardship.

Cody entered the world of sports handicapping in his early 20’s, and he won a massive handicapping competition and dropped out of college to move to Las Vegas and pursue his dream. In half a year, he raised a $4 million profit after putting in a single $5,000 investment. Vaujin has always found risk inspiring and has never feared it for a second. While he has had some significant gains in his tenure so far, he also recalls a time when he was on the losing end.

“I kept winning at most casinos I went to, and at one point, they got tired of me,” he recalls. “Some casinos banned me from sports handicapping with them because I was winning too much. However, what happened was that this got me even more excited to continue, and instead of discouraging me, it ignited me. While I was banned from those casinos, my followers and students were not. So I figured I’d become a mentor and a teacher. My profitable system is proven and can work for anybody, and I’m ecstatic to share that with the world.”

Cody credits his confident mindset for his ability to persevere. “I’ve always been a positive guy. I don’t doubt myself, and why would I? Confidence is a key factor for winners, so I focus on that, and I envision myself winning every time. My clients are super impressed by my level of confidence, and that’s great because it serves as an inspiration to them,” Cody says. His clients trust him unconditionally with strategy and advice, and Vaujin propagates his positive mindset in order to breathe courage into his students.

Cody manages to keep his driven and curious spirit alive by traveling often and sticking to a healthy lifestyle and intensive training so that his body can support his indomitable spirit. “Health equals wealth,” he says, encouraging people to pay attention to their well-being. Thanks to these efforts, Vaujin has amazing mental clarity that allows him to be extremely creative. For a period of time, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world of sports. This was when Vaujin had to find innovative strategies to continue his work and think outside the box.

“When the pandemic began unfolding, I submerged myself into sports across the world. I started making money handicapping with sports in different countries, and so did my clients. I found Korean baseball very interesting, and I constantly covered that spread. I wasn’t going to back down and cry over the situation,” he explains.

Difficulties help boost Vaujin’s drive and make him even more creative. His impeccable abilities to strategize on a high level keep his followers and client base growing as Vaujin affirms his name even further in the world of sports handicapping.

For more inspiration and tips from Cody Vaujin, follow him on @codycoverspreads.

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