Choose Your Dress According To The Occasion

Different occasions demand a different set of dresses. Be it wedding, baptism, funeral, interview, holiday or a bridal shower you cannot be wearing the same dress interchangeably on these occasions. Then there are other factors to consider: the space where the event is happening, the weather, city, relationship you share with the invitees etc. Below is the list of simple guidelines to help you find a dress for the next event you are going to attend easily.

If You Are Going For A Charity Gala/ Formal Occasion/ Black Tie Wedding

There are special occasion dresses specifically meant for these occasions like the tuxedos, or the dresses made of shimmery fabrics, and ornate details. Wedding dresses are generally floor length long gowns or well tailored, chic, formal suits. Go for the most elegant piece of jewelry you have, with shining formal shoes and an impeccable hairstyle.

If You Are Going To A Cocktail Party, Engagement Party, and Most Weddings

Party dresses specially meant for the cocktail, engagement and wedding event generally tend to be a combination of formal and informal styles. They are not as fancy and formal as a back tie party, but cocktail parties require you to wear special occasion dresses like a little black dress with a stand-out jewelry piece.

A glittery knee-length number also makes it into the list of special occasion dresses. Opt for it if a really short cocktail dress is not to your liking. Same goes for the engagement party or a wedding party. You can choose to wear a dress having some special details or a top & skirt or tailored pants, with heels or fancy flats.

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