Chevy will offer a $3000 Allowance to Mustang Owners to buy Camaro

Your Mustang just became more valuable. It’s good news for all Ford Mustang owners. Chevy is offering Mustang Owners an allowance of $3000 to buy one of the favourite muscle car Camaro.

If you buy a 2019 version of Camaro before the end of October then you will receive $3000. This program is similar to the program that Chevy led last year. Also Last year any one who owned Mustang or rented it for 30 days received a $2500 allowance.

Camaro isn’t the best in business but it is part of the power trio of muscle cars. The first spot is taken by Dodge Challenger, a 2019 version costs around $83, 295. And the second spot is reserved for Mustang. Followed by Mustang is the much hyped Camaro.

The 2020 Camaro is a sports car with maximum 650 HP. It isn’t just car, with the muscle it has got and the bold design, precision thrills and advanced performance technology it’s actually a beast. You will have a thrilling experience behind the wheels of this beauty. The 2020 Camaro is now priced at $37, 495.

But the effort Chevy us taking might be in vain if it can’t attract buyers. Last year buyers of Dodge Challenger received 2,920 to $7,970. It was for anyone who bought a Challenger, regardless of what they were trading in.

Can Chevrolet really compete with Dodge Challenger? It’s long standing rival Mustang is also in the race. So, the competition is stiff.

Camaro 2020 isn’t on sale yet but it offers a convertible kit with which you can build your own pony car.

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