Chess Collectors and Players alike adore Official Staunton for its finest collection of Chess Boards and Pieces

Chess is the game of the wise and the royals. It has been played by Kings since times immemorial. Now, chess has become a game of young minds. Not everyone is good at it, but those who are good chess players always know the value of an elegant chessboard and pieces.

Chess players in the UK recognize the work done by Official Staunton. It offers some of the finest quality chess sets and pieces in the country. That’s the reason why even her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and celebrities such as Take Tha, trust the service of Official Staunton.

Official Staunton was established in 1993, and it has been in business for 27 years. The company has gained experience and finesse in the field. In their 27 years of service, they have catered to the needs of Linley at Belgravia, The Savoy London, and TV shows The Apprentice. This shows that their customer service is commendable; that’s why they have highly prestigious clientele.

Anyone in the UK who is interested in collected fine chess pieces and boards can rely on Official Staunton to take care of their needs. They offer a 60-day return policy and a 2-year guarantee.

They are known not only for chess pieces but also for collectibles. Their collections are limited editions and collectibles, and some lines are registered with the copyright bureau.

Carl Miceli is the director of Official Staunton. He is also the founder of many other brands like The English Chess Company, ChessMaze International, Wholesale Chess Company. He is an avid lover and player of chess. He guides the team of Official Staunton to offer high-quality services to customers across the country.

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