CEO Ricky Cucalon And The ATM Movement: Translating Hard Work Into Success

You’ve heard it said before that hard work is the key to success. After all, the American Dream was based on the idea that if you’re willing to put in the effort and work for it, you can make a life for yourself beyond your wildest dreams. But times change, and the people change with it. Not as many people are willing to put in hard work anymore, and fewer people than ever believe that hard work is worth the effort. In fact, only 58% of Americans believe that working hard is worth it.

There is some merit to this change in belief. In the past, you would start at a company and work your way to the top, putting in the time and the hours and paying your dues to rise through the ranks. But this is no longer the case—people are now switching from job to job at a much higher rate to stake out their own career path.  Putting in hours of hard work into the wrong thing can be a waste of effort and keep you from achieving your dreams.

That’s where the ATM Movement comes in. The ATM Movement, which stands for “About The Millions”, is an organization founded by entrepreneur Ricky Cucalon to help people work smarter rather than harder.  Through the use of smartphone technology that everyone has available, the ATM Movement teaches people how to make money off of cryptocurrency, stock, and forex market.

Ricky Cucalon understands the value of hard work.  He started his entrepreneurial path washing cars when he was 11 years old. He went on to major in civil engineering at San Francisco State, where he graduated in 2016. Then, after graduating, he used his entrepreneurial skills to make a small fortune in the Bitcoin explosion. Ricky’s years of putting in the work paid off because he never stopped setting goals for himself and his business.

Four years ago if they told me that I would achieve everything we have been doing, I would not believe it,” says Ricky.  “Today I can tell you that everything in life is possible as long as you set goals and marry the process.  Work constantly, work harder than others, and work until you don’t need to introduce yourself.”

Putting in the hours to make it work is the key to success. But, it pays to work smarter, which is where the ATM Movement comes in. The ATM Movement gives you the tools and the knowledge to harness the power of your smartphone into a moneymaking device. 

Over 50% of the billionaires in the world are self-made. To join these self-made men and women and experience the kind of success that entrepreneurs like Ricky Cucalon have achieved, you’ve got to combine smart work and hard work. You need to find the right path and then put all of your effort into hustling to achieve your goals.

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