CEO Of Stratton Sales Agency Ambro Di Pilato Believes High-Ticket Sales Are The Ultimate Key To Success In The Business World

All entrepreneurs and businesses have a common aim: to make as much profit as possible. However, most of them are not sure about which pricing strategy – high ticket or low ticket – they should use to achieve this goal. In today’s world, achieving sales growth with low ticket sales can be very difficult. Not only does it take more time to recover your investment, but it is also very difficult to sell low-ticket products and services remotely. This is why Ambro Di Pilato believes you should go with high-ticket sales.

Ambro Di Pilato is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs of today. Coming from a humble background, Ambro was a student when he started working part-time jobs to fulfill his expenses but he soon realized that he wasn’t made for these boring 9-5 jobs. Thus, he left his job and stepped into the field of sales, promoting the art industry which relies on the high-ticket pricing strategy. This was a bold step, considering the fact that the art industry has a niche market with a small number of buyers only. But this didn’t matter for Ambro. Owing to his talent and skills, he was able to attract a large number of buyers and helped artists make millions in sales.

After spending a few months in the art industry, Ambro found his first venture, Ambro Galleries, one of the largest pop-up galleries in Canada. It can be said that it was through his experience in the world of the art that Ambro learned ‘the art of selling’. A few years down the road, he became the founder and CEO of The Stratton Sales Agency, one of the most well-known sales agencies in Canada that are working with clients from all over the world. The agency helps entrepreneurs and businesses in scaling their monthly revenue to over $100,000 within 3 months by handling the sales aspect of their business. 

Stratton Agency follows the principle of high-ticket closing. According to Ambro, selling high-ticket products or services is the only way to build a truly scalable business with a high ROI. He believes that high-ticket business is the most profitable and easy-to-start side hustle which can be easily turned into a full-time profession. “Choosing between low-ticket and high-ticket is a volume vs profit battle; all of us know that in the end, profit wins,” says Ambro. Perhaps the biggest advantage of selling high-ticket items is that you can enjoy a margin of at least ten times more than that of a low-ticket item, with a comparatively lower investment.  Here’s how it works:

However, high-ticket closing requires extra effort, which is why not everyone can pull it off. Those who are in the business world know how hard selling normal products or services can be, and high-ticket sales are much more difficult than that. That is where Stratton Sales Agency comes into play. At Stratton, Ambro and his team help businesses and entrepreneurs by effectively closing high-ticket deals on their behalf. Stratton Agency earned a total revenue of $5.4 million in 10 months after its inception, which is proof of its ability to take entrepreneurs and their businesses to new heights of success. The agency’s clientele includes some of the world’s top brands, including many top-tier, celebrity-endorsed ones as well. 

Both high-ticket and low-ticket pricing strategies have their own benefits, depending upon the type of business you are involved in. But according to Ambro, the future is bright for those businesses that have adopted the high-ticket approach – and we agree with him.

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