Catchfood, an Online Food Ordering Platform – An Impressive Tool for Order Management for Restaurants and Cafes

Technology is revolutionizing every sector in the world. From the manufacturing industry to the corporate sector and from the hospitality industry to the automobile world, technology is bringing innovative solutions that make things easy and convenient for the world. These technological advancements help all business owners, regardless of their niche, attract a wider audience, and target a larger customer base, tapping into high revenues and profits.

Another industry that is under the strong influence of technology is the restaurant sector. There are innumerable ways technology is helping the restaurant sector to grow by offering a high degree of conveniences to its customers. Solutions such as Bluetooth temperature sensors, virtual reality onboarding, digital inventory tracking, automated purchasing tool, tabletop kiosks, and many more are helping restaurants better manage their inventories, ensure compliance with set standards, and provide their customers an outstanding experience.

There is another tool, a result of advanced mobile technology, Catchfood, which is helping restaurants manage orders effectively. It helps in adding to the overall customer experience, resulting in business growth.

A Minnesota-based Food Ordering Platform, Helping Restaurants Effectively Manage Orders

Catchfood is a Minnesota-based food ordering platform that came into the picture in 2015. Ahmad A. Najar, a tech entrepreneur, launched the website to bring ease in the lives of consumers and help restaurants efficiently manage their orders.

It was initially launched as a web application that allowed consumers to order food with ease from the restaurants located in their vicinity. It eliminated the need for consumers to step out of their homes to stand in long lines for take-out. The platform used the facility of Google Maps to locate the restaurants near to a consumer’s location.

While on one hand, it brought ease in the lives of consumers; on the other hand, it was helping restaurants and cafes, manage their food orders effectively. By registering on the platform, their menu is uploaded on the website through which a consumer can place their order, and the managers can efficiently manage these orders. Not only does this platform allow easy management of home delivery orders, but it also helps with the management of takeaway and dine-in orders.

After the success of the Catchfood website, the CEO Ahmad and his team began working on mobile applications. It was evident that the launch of Catchfood as mobile applications could result in the rapid growth of the platform. Catchfood application was released for both Google Playstore and Apple Store. It led to an increased number of restaurants joining the network and offer their consumers additional convenience.

Growing Businesses with a Food Ordering Platform

Catchfood not only helps consumers order food in a stress-free manner and assist restaurants in managing food orders effectively but also helps culinary businesses generate high profits. The use of this application helps businesses add an extra stream of consumers. Busy phone lines and long waiting can frustrate consumers, and a major fraction of such customers move onto the next restaurant. Catchfood ensures that a restaurant does not lose its precious customers during peak time. When they are unable to connect to the restaurant’s landline, the consumers can order through Catchfood.

Restaurants and cafes can enjoy increased sales, high revenues, and incredible profits by registering on the Catchfood platform. These benefits are not only restricted to restaurant owners in the United States but also restaurants in the Middle East.

The Catchfood website and mobile application were launched in Middle East countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq, in early 2020. Ahmad Najar planned to launch his set up in the Middle Eastern countries in the summer of 2020, but the outbreak of coronavirus encouraged him to launch the Catchfood earlier than planned. Ahmad believes that Catchfood can help restaurants and cafes restore their operations that serve as the source of income for many homes. Just after three weeks the platform was launched in these countries, more than 500 restaurants had already registered with Catchfood.

As of 2020, there are more than 10,000 restaurants that have registered into the Catchfood network. It is a platform that has been powered by technology and is stirring hype in the food and beverage industry. It is successfully fulfilling its aim of providing consumers convenience and assist restaurants in growing their business in not only in the United States but also in the Middle East.

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