Cao Son Nguyen and Sunny Huynh are “inseparable” and Managed to Meet Each Other During the Pandemic

Cao Son Nguyen and Sunny have taken a major step in their relationship by meeting each other after a long period of time being locked-down because of COVID-19. Anyway, the distance is not a problem to these young lovers at all.

The sweetest devotion: Cao Son Nguyen and Sunny are basically “inseparable” as they take their relationship to another “all-time-high”

“Son is very much in love with Sunny and their relationship has become more serious in the last few weeks,” a source close to the piano artist exclusively told us so. 

In fact, they’ve already crossed a very important milestone by meeting each other after a long period of being locked-down. By Son, Son has never met Sunny since the first date while they officially became lovers. They are falling in love behind their laptop’s screen by making voice calls and video calls from Messenger and FaceTime.

“The day they met each other, even though it was the first time but it seems that they have been falling in love for years by keeping emotions around them,” the source notes. “They both stay nearby at an apartment in HCMC, and are pretty much inseparable.”

Sunny loves taking photos with her lover (Son) and they have lots of fun during the time they are gathering each other. As we can see recent Instagram stories of @nggcaoson, there are a bunch of stories of them.

“She feels really comfortable around him and is in a good headspace right now,” the insider continues. “She is all about having fun and being in good company and Son definitely provides that.” 

While she seems to be giving her new romance her full attention, Sunny has also been busy with her studies. The source says she’s studying online instead of offline at Australia due to COVID-19. As a RMIT student, she has always studied hard since she has a part of scholarship of her major and she’s planning that she will “make a house” with Son and they will officially become husband and wife in the future.

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