Bryce Cleveland’s Contribution To The Growth Of The Aesthetic Industry

Scalpa, owned by entrepreneur Bryce Cleveland, is the world’s leading company for online training and supplies within the aesthetic industry. The aesthetic industry encompasses a large range of specialties from permanent makeup and cosmetic procedures to skincare and even some medical practice.

Bryce Cleveland first got into the aesthetic industry back in 2009 when he started his company Scalp Aesthetics, which offered training and supplies for Scalp Micropigmentation, a form of permanent makeup for the scalp to resemble a close-shaved-look. After building his company and moving into training each permanent makeup procedure, he saw the need for an online platform for individuals to learn all different areas of aesthetic procedures.

Once Bryce Cleveland was able to perfect his intuitive educational system and grow his vast community base, he branched from permanent makeup to offering courses such as micro-needling, semi-permanent foundation, lash and brow lamination, body contouring, tooth gems, and much more. Some of the other courses he offers you may not have even heard of before such as hyaluronic pen needle-less infusions, fibroblast non-surgical skin tightening, and the amazing mesotherapy infusion treatment.

Scalpa strives to always offer the newest and best procedures that enter into the aesthetic industry so individuals have accessibility to learn and become one of the first to offer it. “I consider myself the ‘idea man,’” says Bryce Cleveland. “I love coming up with ideas and finding new ways we can advance the aesthetic industry.”

Bryce Cleveland and his team have even created some of their own training procedures such as “4D Lipo,” which incorporates different devices to sculpt the body and they are now seeing the service pop up around the world. “It is really amazing watching this industry and our students grow,” he says.

The aesthetic industry is worth around 50-billion dollars and is continually growing as new procedures emerge. Bryce Cleveland is proud to be one of the first in the industry to offer education on these services so individuals can expand their businesses. “This industry is so exciting! I love brainstorming with my team and finding the hottest new thing to offer our students,” says Bryce Cleveland.

As the aesthetic industry grows, Scalpa does as well. Starting with one training program in 2015 to now offering over one hundred training courses, there is a service for anyone to learn and begin offering. If you are already a professional in the service, Scalpa even offers advanced training programs to take your skill to the next level.

Bryce Cleveland says he doesn’t ever plan to stop expanding. “We are constantly on the hunt for the next best thing. I don’t think there will ever be a time that we run out of new courses to provide our students and that is what is so amazing about the aesthetic industry.”

Bryce Cleveland encourages anyone who is interested in aesthetics, starting their own business, or boosting their current business to check out his programs. “What is great about this industry and how I designed Scalpa, is that almost anyone can get started in doing it,” he says. “There is so much room to share and grow.”

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