Brooke Sevigny’s Journey From Art To Science

Born and raised in Newport Beach California, Brooke Sevigny auditioned and got into Charters Art College to study production and design. She was studying costume and makeup artistry when life hit her hard. She was  diagnosed with a genetic lung disorder which was life threatening.

By the time she was 16 years old she was getting biweekly transfusions done. The disease and high school work completely exhausted her. She was finding it difficult to match with her peers. There was absolute dis-balance in life and she could not cope with it. But taking strands in her hands she decided to push harder and worked hard to graduate high school a year earlier.

When she was too close to death she realized how privileged she was to get good education as well as good healthcare. It is not something accessible to all. When she survived the disease, she started working with the doctor who saved her life. She still works with him and their non profit organization but today she is more prepared.

Brooke Sevigny decided to go to Hunters college, New York and study anthropology. While working with the patients of rare diseases she understood the importance of genetics and the role evolution plays in the development of a healthy immune system and how this major anthropological aspect  is missing from public healthcare.

She enrolled in the college to take her passion for science further ahead and today is an anthropologist working under the same doctor and helping many through their underprivileged organization.

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