Breaking Through The Complicated Fitness Barrier With The Easy Essentials By Slimiee Fit

Amid a global pandemic, Erileydi Coste is doing what many small businesses are struggling to do– She’s growing her business while simultaneously breaking company records. Of course, this isn’t just a result of chance or luck; it’s all thanks to the perseverance and dedication of the company’s New York-raised CEO to continuously provide the best products on the fitness market.

Slimiee Fit opened its virtual doors in 2019 after Coste finally reached the goal of manufacturing her version of the perfect waist trainer. Growing up, waist trainers played a big role in Coste’s extensive journey to achieving her stunning physique, and when people asked what the key to her success was, they were usually stunned at the results the products would provide. The market then, however, did not offer many high-quality and affordable options that also provided comfort to its users. The CEO saw the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind waist trainer that would check all the boxes, and thus, Slimiee Fit was born.

The most updated version of the company’s signature product now includes a zipper and adjustable clasps to fit all body types. For extra security, the signature model has been modified to include an extra strap in case consumers prefer a more rigid-fitting bodice. In addition to its line of waist trainers, the company has also introduced a wide variety of other fitness accessories including training gloves, glute bands, water bottles, gym bags, and much more. Not to mention, all products are available for shipping worldwide. The key to such massive expansion, according to Coste, has been responding to customer feedback. The CEO consistently relies on her market audience to guide her in the right direction and keeps them in mind when planning future launches. So far, her business method has proven remarkably successful in terms of keeping customers satisfied and excited for new products.

Coste is the working brain behind the brand; she is not only the person in charge of all product manufacturing, but she also handles all the customer service. Working on her small business is something she’s extremely passionate about, and she’s very grateful for having reached such high levels of success in such a short period of time; especially in the middle of a worldwide health crisis. Just goes to show that, with the right hustle, and the right attitude, anything is possible.

Slimiee Fit is continuing to push the envelope in 2021, and it plans to release some breakthrough products that consumers have been asking for within the last few months. What are they? You’ll have to wait and see on Slimiee Fit’s Instagram, @slimieefit. (Rumor has it, one of the launches will include a Starter Kit for any fitness beginners!) The company also plans on expanding on a global scale, although details are still being ironed out. For more information on the fitness collection, visit

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