Benjamin Herzog is spending most of his quarantine in exploring social media. Here’s what he has to say!

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world, it has temporarily disabled many things from functioning. Be it the big companies or startups, everything is suffering because of the pandemic. The world economy has hit a roadblock and the headlines in the business world are all about layoffs, firings and resignations. Austrian entrepreneur Benjamin Herzog had earlier shared his views on how the businesses are affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 23-year old entrepreneur who has established several startups is hopeful that the fintech companies are performing well in the epidemic.

Born and brought up in Klagenfurt, Benjamin is currently based in Europe. The millionaire began his entrepreneurial journey when he joined Tea Time, an online and offline tea distribution platform. After that, he invested in several businesses thus creating multiple streams of income. Benjamin started making his investments in the companies like Avintex GmbH, Viva Payment Solutions and PhoneX Pay now known as Transfera. In 2019, Herzog established EXW Wallet and this year, he had his plans of getting into real estate which he has now delayed due to the global pandemic. Apart from this, Benjamin Herzog’s luxury fashion brand ‘Understatement’ which was supposed to launch by the year-end will now be launching by 2021.

“The current situation in the financial market is very poor as COVID-19 has affected the business market severely. Fashion and apparel industry is having a downfall right now. So this year is probably not the right time to launch Understatement”, said Benjamin. When asked about what he is doing in these days of quarantine, the entrepreneur said, “I am exploring social media like never before. There are so many apps through which individuals can make money. It’s fun to see how content creators are making the best use of the digital medium right now.” Looks like Benjamin Herzog is also keen to try his hand in content creation now. Would you want to see him follow the route of an influencer?

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