Ben Shaw’s Passion for Tattooing has Helped him Established himself Successfully in the New Mexico Tattoo Industry

Ben Shaw, a passionate tattoo artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has established his strong mark in the tattoo industry in New Mexico. For over the last 20 years, he is involved in the tattoo industry and has made an immense contribution as a tattoo artist.

Even since he reached the age of 16, Ben Shaw dived into an apprenticeship in the tattoo industry. He was just 20 when he started his own business as a tattooist. It is his love for tattooing that he never involves himself in unethical tattooing practice. And he has always worked to ensure the practice of ethical tattooing in New Mexico.

Ben Shaw is serving as a co-founder at New Mexico Guild of Ethical Tattoo Artist and he is an owner at Archetype Tattoo. Apart from this, the tattoo artist is a host at Art Fusion for a cause. For Ben, tattooing on bodies is a way to express deep feelings and give a strong message to the world.

He has always inspired tattoo lovers to get a tattoo on their bodies from a verified place to ensure safety. Ben Shaw has even started working against the New Mexico Tattoo regulation to promote hygienic, ethical, and licensed tattoo practices.

Ben even approached this subject legally and worked with Sen. Jacob Candelaria, drafting Senate Bill 275 to establish the Board of Body Art Practitioners. It’s Ben Shaw’s extreme efforts that led to the passing of SB 275 in the New Mexico legislature.

Ben Shaw has always endorsed the practice of tattooing in an ethical way. And he is governing the tattoo industry in New Mexico by serving as the chairman of the Body Art Practitioners Board.

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