Beauty tips from the popular American model, actress and singer with Russian roots – Ellen Alexander

The ambitious and incredibly beautiful Ellen has agreed to share with us a couple of secrets how she maintains her beauty that has conquered Hollywood and iconic magazines like L’Officiel, SHAPE and VOGUE.

Tip one: be healthy!

Ellen always says that health is the most important thing. Especially now, when you should take care of your body with double force. Beauty, as Ellen believes, is inside. It’s a happy smile and a good mood. It’s not enough to have bright makeup and beautiful styling to shine on the covers of the most popular magazines. You need to listen to yourself and take care of your physical and mental state. Ellen advises you never to forget about yourself, to keep an eye on your health and to do everything to always feel comfortable. Take care of your happiness, beauty will come with it.

Tip two: wash up!

It’s not easy for Ellen’s skin during model shootings. A dense layer of cosmetics, a huge number of all kinds of makeup products, fixing sprays… It’s scary to imagine how much tired the skin even after one photo shoot. But Ellen knows a great recipe for taking care of it. You will be surprised, but it’s very simple one: as soon as you feel that your skin is tired, just wash up! You will not believe it, but this lifehack was popular back in the days of Ancient Egypt. For example, Queen Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, washed almost seven times a day to keep her youthful and fresh look.

Tip three: massage brush with natural bristles is your best friend.

Ellen’s most favorite beauty ritual is body and face massage with a special bristle brush. In fact, such a brush is really a miracle tool. This massage helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulates metabolic processes, removes excess liquid, slags and toxins. It also improves blood circulation and lymph flow, eliminates swelling and the effect of “orange peel”.

Tip four: do not be afraid to experiment!

Ellen likes to experiment with her appearance and advises you to do the same. Experiments are an opportunity to look at your reflection differently, to love new features in yourself, to lift your spirits. Do not be afraid to change! Let your heart choose.

Tip five: accept yourself!

Ellen never suffered from complexes, she believed in her beauty and knew that she would achieve a lot in the modeling business. Often just one little thing is missing to start shining and conquering the hearts of millions: confidence in yourself. So don’t listen to your inner criticism, believe in yourself and accept your beauty as it is.

Tip six: move!

Ellen tries to go for a walk every evening. She does sports, takes care of her shape. You don’t need much effort for this, as Ellen says: just move, walk on the stairs. It’s enough for your health and for your body.

Tip seven: let yourself eat something delicious.

Ellen, of course, often rejects some foods, sweet and fatty, for example. But from time to time she treats herself with something delicious. This is a great advice for those who, for example, are constantly on diets: do not limit yourself, but be reasonable. After all, any prohibitions can turn into a real breakdown, which is very difficult to experience. Love yourself. Beauty is also a great mood, which sometimes requires a little chocolate.

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