Artist Majed Veysel Shows Unique Perception of Art

Majed Veysel has hundred thousand followers on Instagram due to the series of posts he has been sharing. These posts are black and white photographs of various architecture he has clicked and it feels as if he has been clicking the souls of the spaces.

Majed Veysel is one of the upcoming artists who is gaining popularity for the work that is showing architecture in new light through his black and white photographs. He clicks buildings, bridges and sculptures as his main subjects due to his deep passion for architecture and photography.

Majed Veysel is a qualified architect from “Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi” and works as an Architect in Istanbul, Turkey. And now he is pursuing his masters in architecture since the last couple of years. His work on the Skyland Istanbul Highest Skyscraper in Turkey is well known. That is why he has been adorned with innumerable awards and honors.

His Instagram feed has remarkable pictures of cities like Rome, Torino, France and Turkey. These pictures show what the artist truly believes in, that art is universal in nature and cannot be confined. Thus he has been creating buildings and photographing architecture with creativity, passion and a personal touch.

Majed believes that art can be found inside everyone and they just need to translate it in their own way. Like his expression is his vision, senses, point of view and overall his being. Same way others need to touch their art inside and find their own language to express it.  

Architecture and photography came together for Majed after he came across books like “Le Corbusier and the Power of Photography”. These books laid a foundation for his interest and he found a relationship between photography and architecture.

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