Apple Watch Series 5 compass will work best with certain bands

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 5, successor to Watch Series 4, during its September 10 event. Though iPhone 11 grabbed most attention, the Watch Series 5 had a new attractive feature in the offering.

Apple Watch Series 5 incorporates a built-in native compass, making it the first ever Apple Watch to include such a feature. However, Apple suggests using certain kind of bandsthan others if you want the compass to show accurate results. This is because the digital compasses such as the one within the Watch Series 5 as well as the iPhone 3GS depend on magnetometer, a sensor used for detecting magnetism levels.

Device orientation is not an aspect because of the 3-axis design. However, magnetic interference forms a factor which the magnetometers may contend with, including the magnetic watch bands.

Apple has warned that magnetic bands might interfere with the built-in native compass as well as limit the result accuracy. This is because the sensor may mistake the magnetic pull of the band for the planet’s magnetic pull, confusing the in-built compass’s ability of interpreting the direction you are facing actually.

Such kind of interface would not prevent navigation but would limit the ability of the compass to show standing orientation.

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