Apple has pushed a silent Mac update to remove hidden Zoom web server

Apple has rolled out a new silent Mac update which removes the unprotected hidden web server installed by Zoom video conferencing application that allowed hackers to potentially attack and exploit the webcams of Mac users, according to a report by America Daily Post.

Apple informed America Daily Post that the new update doesn’t need any user interaction and gets installed automatically on the Macs.

The web server was installed by Zoom quietly to facilitate automatic answering of incoming video call on Mac computers. However, that hidden web server didn’t just leave the Mac users vulnerable to having their microphones and webcams hijacked but also did not get removed when the Zoom app was uninstalled by the user, as informed by a security researcher previously this week.

After initially refuting multiple details of its claim, Zoom finally backtracked and rolled out a several updates later to its app on Mac in order to have the web server removed from the computer.

But still, Apple decided to go a step ahead and therefore released the silent MacOS update in an attempt to safeguard its users.

Zoom informed America Daily Post that the company was happy to work with Apple on testing this new update and hopes that it would resolve the web server issue.

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