ANOUBIS LIMITED is raising 10,000€ in pre-orders on Kickstarter to start off the brand

A new clothing brand from Finland with a unique clothing technology protection system is starting a public pre-sale via Kickstarter. The startup has three primary things to offer to the public; a story, new concept design, and tech features.

The story

Anoubis Limited clothing was designed with a special purpose representing Leopard and a Snake. In today’s society, handling people and being with people can be difficult. Some people get pushed away and it can hurt our feelings. Often people don’t feel confident enough and the problem is still there. Of course, the startup is not aiming to revolutionize the world and create peace but Anoubis Limited aims to make an inspiration to at least a few people around the world and those can then inspire and help others to grow.

What’s behind Leopard and Snake?

Everyone of us deep in our hearts desires something great. Perhaps not every single person wants to be great, strong and independent but if we are honest with ourselves, most of the people just want to be a little stronger and more confident than we are now. However, the world is not an easy place to survive and you may need to fight and even strategies your ways to work yourself up, develop and achieve success.

You need to fight, be brave, yet be calm and strategic like Leopard and at times you may need to be sneaky and manipulative to get what you want or to reach that next step, and that’s where you might consider unleashing the inner Snake to get yourself through tough times.

We want the change but it’s hard to get because a lot of adjectives are missing in people’s personalities which they wish they had but they lack or are afraid to let go. Anoubis Limited initiative supports courage, freedom and personal opinions and decision making. By being brave and sure of your inner heart desires you will achieve better in life. 

The concept design

To make a brand interesting, there must be a strong visual to align with the story. Anoubis Limited design team has put time and effort to make detailed crafted designs of Leopard and Snake which are visible on a sweatshirt and the hoodie. First edition design also follows a symbol set which stands for all the troubles, objects and issues we have to face in life to get through in order to make it to our desired destination. Keeping your enemy closer is a strategic move. Knowing what you have to go through in order to get to the better side gives you awareness and puts your mindset into strategic development to find a better way to reach your goals. 

Technology features

One of the most impressive elements of Anoubis Limited startup is a unique technology pattern that makes the whole brand look much stronger, trusted and simply secured. 

The startup developed an app based on Hyperledger to story history and data of each clothing product that is created. Not just an app. Each clothing product has a unique label, unique ID and these are all linked to Hyperledger making the entire clothing edition very unique, very exclusive, very protected and extremely limited against possible counterfeits and piracy.

The app allows users to register the product owner, change owner, view product and its details like size, color, etc. The startup has many ideas and plans on the app’s extensions for more advanced features. 

Anoubis Limited doesn’t seek simply to inspire people and provide security for their own clothes, the startup seeks to disrupt the clothing industry globally with their security technology and create an actual impact for people worldwide.

Anoubis Limited is launching on Kickstarter to raise 10,000€ in pre-sale for their clothes. The startup has a strong inspiring story and a genuinely unique product. To support the startup, visit 

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