Andrew Anastasiou, the Man behind the Headlines

At America Daily Post, we emphasize bringing forward the most informative news and providing our visitors with great content. We strive to ensure that what we bring to the attention of our readers is beneficial and thought-provoking, and so we requested an interview with Andrew Anastasiou.

Andrew Anastasiou is an entrepreneur, born in the United Kingdom on the 11th December 1988 and currently lives in Cyprus. He has recently been hitting headlines daily and has been featured in some of the World’s biggest online publications. We got in contact with Andrew Anastasiou to find out why, and to get some insight into his world and how he is becoming so successful.

Mainly in the fintech industry, Andrew Anastasiou is the founder of multiple online payment companies and is responsible for bringing NoBanx in to the world. NoBanx is an API driven crypto deposit platform providing integrated cryptocurrency solutions to online businesses. He is also the Man behind LyncPay, a company that is touted as “the savior of the un-bankable” and is currently pending an $11M deal with some of Africa’s largest utility providers which would see LyncPay being worth circa $30M upon launch in Q3 2021.

However, when speaking with Andrew it became clear very quickly that he is not the idealistic mainstream entrepreneur we expected, covered in glory and self-esteem. He seemed humbled, approachable, and kind. We asked Andrew how he found himself in this position and so successful, and he told us that “everyone is going to end up where they are meant to be, this is why I tell people to stop putting so much pressure on themselves all of the time”. Andrew went on to explain to us that he doesn’t consider himself successful yet and that he feels he has a long way to go before he reaches his goal. He is also extremely charitable and he recently donated $150,000 to an undisclosed refugee center in Cyprus which focuses on rehabilitating and giving a second chance to refugees of the Syrian war.

We asked Andrew Anastasiou what else he has in his plans and he told us that at the moment, there are a lot of things going on but he hopes to acquire his new banking license in the near future and that he also expects to go live with a “peer-to-peer” payment system which will see instant and limitable payments being transferred between friends and family.

We also asked Andrew to give us some advice that our readers could follow, if they wanted to start up on their own and he told us that the main thing is to put your happiness first and don’t do something just for the money. He said to us that the main thing is always to do what makes you happy, otherwise you will just end up with unnecessary pressure on yourself and the chances of you hitting your goals that way are almost zero. Andrew quoted “just go ahead and make your plan, the worst that could happen is that you fail. But do your planning correctly and factor in the small things, they are what matter the most”.

It was certainly a fantastic discussion with Andrew and we gained some great insights into a modern entrepreneur who is changing the idea behind how business should be done. We asked Andrew if we could catch up again in a few months to see where he is, as we certainly will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more headlines with his name in them.

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