Amsterdam Menorah is now the most Expensive Chanukah Menorah in the World

Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum, Chanukah has successfully assembled the world’s most expensive menorah last month. A 266-year-old menorah, the Rintel Menorah, who’s current market value is over a half-million dollars, was put on display at Amsterdam’s Jewish Historical Museum. This herculean task was followed by the restoration of its three-foot wooden base that was lost during the Holocaust. Those who are wondering what is a menorah, can visit to learn more about it.

Earlier the Rintel had a rectangular marble slab base. But it was observed that it did not compliment the menorah’s intricate design. The menorah’s intricate design includes eight bells and more than 150 delicate reliefs resembling flowers, leaves and thorns. The new wooden base slab was created by the Judaica designer Piet Cohen.

The menorah was built in 1753. It is a relic from the golden age of a community that was almost annihilated by the Nazis. The marble made massive base also used to complicate the complete shifting and transporting task of the menorah from the museum to the Rabbi Aron Schuster Synagogue. The community would use it to light Chanukah candles at the Synagogue.

The ritual of moving the menorah began in 1955. The menorah stayed at the synagogue for over a week. Then the procedure would be repeated in reverse. It required a driver, three movers and a curator, who would dismantle the Rintel and pack its five parts into wooden boxes and the practice was discontinued in 2010. But in 2016, the Rintel was appraised at $563,000, making it the world’s most expensive Chanukah menorahs.

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