Allen Spearman’s Top Winter Warnings That It’s Time to Get Your HVAC Checked

Is your HVAC system making odd sounds as the temperatures drop? Is your heating performance in winter showing some problems? Allen Spearman has seen many HVAC systems unexpectedly fail during demanding cold months. Even systems that efficiently handle cooling in the summer can start running into problems when switching over to continuous heating. 

If your system is starting to act oddly or is failing to heat as it should, it’s time to arrange an inspection ASAP – technician schedules can quickly fill up during winter! Here’s when you should make a call.

Loud Noises, Especially When First Turning on or Defrosting

Unexpected roaring or grinding noises are signs your HVAC heating is starting to struggle. This could be a problem with dirt and debris, loose components, or worn-out parts that must be replaced. If part of your unit is outdoors, as with heat pumps, drastically lower temperatures may have damaged the system. Letting these noises continue could make things worse – if it keeps repeating every day, Allen Spearman suggests calling an HVAC technician to take a look.

Your Heating Cycle Runs, But Doesn’t Seem to Heat the House

If your system seems to run fine, but your thermostat stays stubbornly low, that’s a sign your HVAC has lost some of its heating power. This problem can be difficult for a homeowner to narrow down. Sometimes the thermostat itself is malfunctioning, or the fan system has stopped working – or maybe the refrigerant in a heat pump has been leaking. With so many causes, getting an expert opinion on why your heating is that hot is important. 

Allen Spearman on Unpleasant HVAC Odors

Many owners start cranking up the heat in colder months and are confronted by an unpleasant surprise: A foul smell that wasn’t there the year before. Odors can be caused by many things, including build-up in a furnace or even mold in the ductwork. This could also signify a serious clog, motor problems, or imminent system failure. It’s likely to take professional work to address the problem, so schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

The HVAC Abruptly Shuts Down When Trying to Heat

If your system turns on and tries to heat but suddenly shuts down, you have a serious problem. Bundle up to stay warm, and call a technician. In Allen Spearman’s experience, these problems are often caused by damage to sensors, igniters in a furnace, or similar tech problems. In rare cases, the unit could detect dangerous situations and shut down for safety reasons. Don’t let your system keep shutting down over and over, as this could make the problem worse. 

You Can’t Feel Air Out of Vents

If your HVAC system is running, but you can’t feel air even after waiting to heat up, it’s probably time for an inspection. Something could be wrong with the fan system – or vents could have been blocked accidentally or by pests. You should also keep your air filters replaced regularly so they don’t impede airflow, something else that technicians can arrange for you.

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