Alexis Núñez Oliva – Executive Producer, Content Creator, and Television Personality Aiming for Media Excellence

Television and media production involves several complex elements that require adequate training, expertise, and experience. Many people perceive production as a straightforward task requiring little to no effort because of the hard work of actors, directors, editors, writers, and other stakeholders. However, producers are responsible for starting and developing a television show or movie project. Executive producers go one step further to develop an idea and pitch it to media and production companies to transform it into movies or television shows. Executive producers risk their reputation with projects because if a television or movie production fails, it hampers the producer’s reputation. Television production comprises generating ideas for television shows that attract and retain millions of viewers and compel them to continue watching the programs for a long time. An executive producer’s primary responsibility is to develop content that attracts viewers and generates ratings for television channels and production companies.

Television production involves several stages for completing projects that engage and captivate audiences through multiple elements. Producers must ensure they utilize intriguing plotlines and production elements to compel people to keep viewing their shows. Few producers have the ability and skills to develop shows that constantly encourage audiences to come back and watch episodes and reruns. Television production differs from movies because it requires developing content for multiple episodes while ensuring that the shows achieve high ratings to maximize profits for production companies and television channels. Alexis Núñez Oliva is an executive producer with the abilities, skills, and experience to develop shows that attract numerous viewers and generate high ratings for channels and television production companies. Núñez Oliva developed several popular television and radio shows over forty years of his media career.

Alexis Núñez Oliva developed some of the most popular shows on Mexican television channels mainly because of his insight and knowledge about people’s tastes and demands in television. Núñez Oliva utilized his radio and television experience to develop content for digital platforms and garner a large viewership due to the interesting content and unique ideas. Some of the most popular shows created or produced by Núñez Oliva include Hoy, Hoy Sábado, Los 10 Primeros, Duro y Directo, Buenas Tardes, Qué Tarde tan Padre, Se vale, Sabadazo, Marta Susana, Vida TV, and Con todo. He joined El Canal de las Estrellas and Televisa in 1997. He worked for the media company in multiple roles for over 20 years, producing more than 20,000 hours of television programs. He directed Ritmoson Latino or Telehit Urbano in 1998 and Televisa Espectáculos in 1999 with several camerapersons and reporters. Núñez Oliva rose to the position of General Director of Channel 4TV (FORO TV). He created the Orgullosamente Latino awards 2004 to recognize Spanish-speaking artists and musicians.

Alexis Núñez Oliva became the Televisa advisor for Univision in 2012. He created the first diploma to train employees in television production, script, stage direction, photography and lighting, editing, and audio design. He also created the La 3ra en Discordia program broadcast by Televisa’s channel Unicable. Núñez Oliva established his production company, 7 Emociones, in 2019 to create television and multiplatform content. The company follows Núñez Oliva’s philosophy of developing unique and creative content. Núñez Oliva utilized the company to develop a unique and innovative program during the COVID-19 pandemic, La Cuarentena. The show introduced a new concept where writers, actors, editors, directors, and producers collaborated from different cities while working from their homes to develop content for viewers.

Núñez Oliva also won several awards during his print media, radio, and television career due to his contribution to production, direction, and writing. He received the José Martí National Journalism Award in 1989 in Havana, Cuba, and the National Critics Award for his Documentary El Fanguito. He also received the Annual Critics’ Selection and Second Prize Coral Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latino americano awards for the same documentary. The documentary was also among the best documentaries exhibited in 1990 at the New York Latino Festival. Núñez Oliva also received the Golden Caliph award in 1999. He received the best TV y Novelas Award for Vida TV in the family magazine show category in 2002. Núñez Oliva also won the Premio Sol de Oro Círculo Nacional de Periodistas del Espectáculo in 2004 and Copa Televisa for the Sabadazo program in 2014. Alexis Núñez Oliva is an executive producer, content creator, and television personality aiming for media excellence by developing intriguing and compelling content for television and digital media platforms.

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