Alexandra Castle’s Company Will Inspire You

Natural talent meets dedication when it comes to rising artist Alexandra Castle. New to the art scene she brings a fresh perspective on contemporary design with an emphasis on detail and quality of work. Castle, founder of Alexandra Castle Art, attributes her success to innovation, consistency, quality, and making new connections with clients and other business owners.” Her brand, which started as a hobby seven years ago, specializes in original prints and custom-designed apparel.

Castle was born and raised in Southern California, she attended USC and graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Communications and Design. Her timeline as an artist started from a young age as she was first exposed to many different mediums of art and then began to grow her own brand. From there she has hosted her first art show, designed cover art for musicians, and collaborated with several entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise money for youth in need. However, her early journey doesnt stop there, in Castles words she is just starting to make her name in this industry” and this will be one youll want to watch.

Every one of Castles pieces tells a different story and each can be uniquely created for her clients. Castle differentiates herself from other artists by centering herself around helping people.” Whether that is in making their vision come to light, collaborating on new ideas, or even just being there as a personal confidant. Castle faced many challenges herself throughout her childhood, and hopes to use those experiences to better impact others. It is one of the characteristics that makes her stand out not only as an artist, but as a person. She channeled many of these hardships into her passion for art, finding that being able to create was a way to express (her)self when (she) lacked a voice in certain situations.”

Starting a new company at such a young age comes with many unforeseen obstacles, not to mention everyday stressors of running your own business. Castle finds consistency and success in maintaining weekly schedules and goals to hold herself accountable, but also in order to create boundaries to give herself much needed breaks and time off. At the end of the day, throughout struggles and hardship Castle finds one thing everyday to be grateful for, it helps keep (her) balanced and reminds (her) to be appreciative.”

This wont be the last time you hear the name Alexandra Castle, shes only getting started. The combination of an innovative eye, unique style, and passion for her work will project her towards a successful career in the industry. Best said by Castle herself: Seeing the happiness I can give to people and the success I have so far keeps me motivated in continuing to grow my brand,” and we are excited to see where it takes her.

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