Alexander Rekeda Participates in Holodomor Remembrance Day March in New York City

One of the most significant events in 2022 was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This has been a devastating event for Ukraine, tasked with fighting off the invaders without the same size military. Due to the injustice of the invasion, many individuals worldwide have worked together to raise resources to help with the invasion and ensure the people of Ukraine are cared for. One individual that has been very involved in helping to support Ukraine is Alexander Rekeda.

Alexander Rekeda Helps to Grow Unity for Freedom

As soon as the invasion of Ukraine took place, there was an outpouring of support from people worldwide. Many individuals and countries were dedicated to ensuring that Ukraine’s people had the support they needed. However, it needed to be clearer how to provide this support. Alexander Rekeda and others saw this need and established Unity for Freedom within a couple of months of the war’s start. This organization helps to organize donations and bring people together to ensure their efforts make a difference.

Holodomor Remembrance Day March

One of the most devastating genocides in history took place in the 1930s when Soviet Union authorities attempted to destroy part of a Ukrainian national group. This ultimately led to starvation and deaths for millions of people, which today is commonly referred to as Holodomor. Numerous memorial events take place each year to ensure that this event is not forgotten. In November of 2022, Alexander Rekeda and his family participated in a Holodomor Memorial walk in New York City to provide a memorial for Holomodor and continue raising awareness about what is taking place in Ukraine today.


Continued Focus on Raising Awareness

One of the concerns that people like Alexander Rekeda have is that the war between Russia and Ukraine will soon be forgotten. However, he continues to fight to ensure that people know that Ukraine continues to suffer due to the invasion. Due to this, he is continuing to fight to raise awareness and ensure people do not give up their rights and efforts to help support the people of Ukraine.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a very challenging and devastating event for people all over the country. Many Ukrainian citizens live in a war zone without access to the necessary resources. Alexander Rekeda and others have continued to fight to raise money and awareness for the event. This has helped ensure people in Ukraine, and refugees that have fled the country, can access the resources they need.

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