Actress Kate Katzman talks about her journey to Stardom and Acting

A successful and impactful career in acting entails equal parts practice and talent with a bit of luck added in. Actors in action can be seen and heard often everywhere: the big screen, TV, the theatre, in videos, on the internet, and on podcasts. Some make it to the cast of extras that fill up production, while some attain levels of fame and stardom that makes them a household name. One such actor who has headlined various blockbusters in Hollywood, including her debut film “Walt Before Mickey”, is Kate Katzman. 

Prior to making her debut, Kate said she took many risks and endured several “routine drills” to get noticed by a director like Khoa Le and producers like Armando Gutierrez and Arthur Bernstein. The Irish-American actress, also a mother of two children, is on a roll. After working as a theatre actor for a few years, Katzman hit the jackpot with a stellar performance as Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, in “Walt Before Mickey.” As an actress and model, Katzman took top spot through her acting debut and soon emerged as a style icon, international star, and red-carpet diva. Her presence at award shows each year never fails to grab the attention of the international media.

Since her acting debut, Katzman has been raking opportunities, with films like “Adverse” opposite Mickey Rourke, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Penelope Ann Miller; “The Comeback Trail” alongside Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Zach Braff; and “This is the Year” with David Henrie. These movies are slated to release in 2020-21.

Her formal training from Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre and experience as a stage actor has proved to be her superpower, giving her an addictive mix of authenticity and rawness. What’s even refreshing is her ambitions and eagerness to please audiences of all ages – often seen reflecting through her interviews and public appearances.

Katzman, still finds it hard to believe that she has found a leading position in Hollywood. Still, one thing which she is sure about is that her success in the glamorous film industry is courtesy her mentor, late legendary American actor, Burt Reynolds, and her will to make it to the top. “I ought to be pinching myself for being able to live my childhood dream. I was a movie-enthusiast and this young kid who had a passion for acting. I had never imagined that something that had started merely out of interest, for fun, on a whim, would soon turn into a reality. It has been an interesting journey so far, and I’m only looking forward to seeing what’s in store for me in the near future,” said Kate Katzman.

To her fans, she is often seen sharing that it is because of her mentor, Burt Reynolds, and the faith he put in her, that she was able to make the right choices, leap into a new industry, and pursue her craft that was long dreamed. Katzman believes, her journey to rise to unseen heights has set a great example for the up-and-coming actors that the industry embraces people on the basis of talent, not legacy.

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