Actionable Tips from Rom Raviv To Help You Grow Your Tik Tok Page

With the advent of TikTok’s boom, a lot of users are constantly looking for ways to promote their pages and generate engagement that will help their TikTok profiles grow. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills and abilities to get the eye-catching page they desire. Well, there’s absolutely no need to worry because today, we will learn from one of Tiktok’s most viral creators, Rom Raviv.

Rom Raviv is a Tiktok Influencer with over 500,000 followers on the platform. With his content being capable of generating over 7 million likes and views, it suffices to say that he is an influential TikTok user.

Here are some of Rom’s essential tips on having a great TikTok page;

  • Create a Shock Factor: One of the best things you can do is attract your potential viewer’s attention by creating a shock factor or an action that prevents them from scrolling past your page. Rom explains this by saying:

“Scrolling is something that we do without even realizing sometimes, so it is important that as creators, we do something powerful enough to stop that habit and keep them watching”.

Therefore, let your page be attractive enough to arrest the attention of your viewers.

  • Optimize Content for Shares: Most TikTok users focus so much attention on getting the highest number of likes possible that they miss the mark on shares. As content creators, it is important to leverage on shares. By doing this, your contents have a higher possibility of going viral.

“As an app, TikTok loves shares because it brings more users on their platform and they will reward you accordingly and make your video go viral”. Rom says.

  • Focus on Providing Quality: When posting your content as content creators, it is essential that you bring quality to the table. Ensure that you spend time creating a video that is clear and enjoyable to watch. Rom advises that:

“Quality is king…whether you commit to 3 posts a day or 1 every other day, make sure that the videos you post are all high quality and well thought out”- Rom shares

This factor is important because people can see right through the quality if you rushed a video versus if you took your time while making it.

  • Interact with your audience: As a content creator, you must take advantage of the TikTok platform by learning how to interact with your audience, followers, and fans.

Talking to them regularly will help to create a community around your content and posts. This allows people to support you because they feel as if they are part of something special.

“Going live and posting community-oriented content can help scale your audience and also make your current followers fall in love with you and your content even more”. Rom advises.

  • Pay Experts to teach you the Algorithms: When starting out your TikTok journey, you obviously don’t know the ins and outs of the algorithm and how to use these algorithms to your favor. 

It is essential to attend masterminds that will show you this, and teach you how to utilize them. Also, you will learn how to use human psychology for audience retention, thereby increasing the likes and shares of your content.

“Using those initial tricks, I was able to grow my account to 4-5 thousand followers. Then overnight, I posted a video of a google gumball machine that gained me almost all of my followers…this was the start of my journey as a TikTok star”, Rom explains.

If you successfully apply these actionable tips by Rom Raviv, you are on your way to becoming the next TikTok star.

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