A true Canadian Digital Marketing Guru: Mr. Grondin

Very few people do the things they do for the love of it. And even fewer people do it for love and the pay. You see people spending many work hours, coming home exhausted, grumbling, and murmuring about how unfair life can be, and all of that. How about doing what you love and earning a living from it?

Avi Grondin is a successful young man in the world of entrepreneurs today for one reason. He loves his business and is making money from the thing he loves. Some will ask, what businesses does Avi Grondin run that he loves so much?

From the beginning, Avi had a knack for making money and doing business. At a very young age, he was already selling Kijiji to support his mom Miriam Grondin and older brother Asher Grondin. Then he moved from door-to-door sales, then to telesales jobs, then financial services jobs before going to work for IBM. Looking at this trend, you will see that he was more into business than into blue collar jobs. Even after saving enough money from IBM and the other places he worked, he went on to start his first business. The first business was named Vinicci Valet, which employed over thirty-five drivers. When he wanted to move higher, he sold the business to a competitor in Canada.

Then he turned his attention to building a digital marketing agency named Variance Marketing. This new business offers custom marketing solutions for enterprise brands like EllisDon, 6ixbuzzTV, Aroma Espresso Bar, SickKids Foundation, Cineplex Odeon, and many other companies. His firm is all about building marketing strategies for enterprise brands.

How do they do this?

Being a smart and talented businessman, Avi and his team dissect the business and understand it’s current state before suggesting any solution. His team finds any loopholes in a bid to fill them, and proffers wonderful solutions that will aid in the general growth of the company.

The third business this young entrepreneur is currently building is a dispensary chain with the license to sell cannabis in retail stores across Canada. Being an entrepreneur who likes to dream big, he already has the license to open about seventy-five stores in the coming years. The business is named ModernDay Cannabis.

Avi has a guiding principle, diversify if you must. Starting with the valet company does not necessarily mean ending with it. Then he sold it, and he ventured into digital marketing. Now, he has also ventured into the cannabis business. All these show that he loves to do business, and he is so good at it, being the reason he is so successful today.

He also recounts that business has made him successful, but his major success comes from being able to empower the youth. He goes to different universities and conventions to empower the youth and other entrepreneurs to enhance their craft. Now that is truly the mark of a young and successful businessman.

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