A Musician Needs To Keep Track Of Their Materials – Anthony Jiles

Born in the bay City of Michigan as Anthony Wayne Jiles, better known by his stage name Ant, he is the CEO of BeatsbyJM. Ant has collaborated with prominent figures in the music industry during his lustrous career, with the likes of the late renowned Nate Dogg, MC Eiht, DJ Slip (Compton’s Most Wanted), and Willie Zimmerman, amongst many others. The first Arizona-based rap group, “Global Mayhemm,” was produced by Ant, which was well received by the audience and had received national recognition. To this day, Ant has produced seven successful albums for rising artists. In addition to being a producer, Ant is an engineer, writer/composer, and choreographer. 

Excellent Communication can lead to developing prolonged professional relationships

According to Ant, strong communication skills are critically necessary for musicians. Musicians must communicate effectively by conveying their feelings and emotions through music. Anthony understands how to transmit feelings through melodies and lyrics and make music that touches the listener’s emotions. Anthony has been in the industry for many years and understands that going out as a solo artist is crucial, but blending in with the band is even more critical. Getting along will get you more fame than playing nicely and in the appropriate style.

Why music plays a vital role in our lives
You can’t think of anything you have done that you don’t associate with a certain song. When you think about it that way, the music describes different phases you have gone through in your life. Music is kind of an escape from reality. If you’re in a bad mood, you listen to some good music that brings you back up again. Music has always been an outlet for many aspiring musicians as a form of art, creating an experience for the audience and taking them on a journey. Music is life, and it influences everything you do. Many people listen to music while driving, at work, and everything you do is influenced by music. Especially with all the different genres nowadays, music affects more and more people. Everything in this world has vibration and music in at least one form. 

Legends that inspired the legend 

Ant received his musical inspiration through the work of notable producers such as Will.i.am. Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Pharell, Rodney Jerkins. According to Ant, “These well-known artists are the epitome of passion, determination, and complete professionalism.” In addition, Ant acknowledges the staunch support he has had from attorneys John Smith and Tim Wright throughout his career. Ant is all about the production of high-quality content that holds a variety of musical styles.  

A well-organized Ant

 Anthony understood the value of time in his life, understanding there is nothing more inconvenient or embarrassing than being late. Schedules are generally both busy and irregular in a world where great players scrape together $50 gigs to make ends meet. Everyone is pouring their hearts out to practice before teaching a lesson and then getting to a show later that night. But Anthony understands that if you can’t keep track of everything and get to where you need to go on time, you’ll miss out on tremendous opportunities. Musicians must keep track of their materials, but first, they must learn how to organize them.

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