3 Craziest Moments in the NFL History

NFL! It’s an emotion for football lovers. The game is watched by millions of viewers/fans worldwide, with last year’s average ranging to about 17.1 million!

Not just that, the NFL is also renowned in the gambling industry. Most wagerers prefer to invest in NFL leagues after in-depth research on NFL week 12 odds. This turns out to be a great profit for them! 

While the NFL is an entertaining tournament, one cannot deny the crazy moments that happen during the matches. Let’s check out the top 3 crazy moments of NFL history.

Tyree and His Helmet Catch

Back in 2008, football fanatics witnessed a moment that people still remember! It was Super Bowl XLII between the New England Patriots and The Giants. The Patriots were at a 14-10 lead, and the time left was 2:42 minutes. 

With less time in hand, Giants Quarterback Eli Manning battled three defensive players throwing a pass downfield before getting caught by David Tyree. 

The interesting thing in this situation was the catch that Tyree took by jumping over and pressing the ball against the helmet. The Giants won the game with a whopping score of 17-14. 

That’s the beauty of the NFL! It has such talented and skilled players that people in the US can’t stop themselves from watching the games. Whether it’s being listed as the most popular sport in Michigan or New York, the NFL is dominated everywhere.  

The Super Bowl III Victory of the New York Jets

NFL fans cannot forget about the legendary match between New York Jets and Baltimore Colts in 1969. Before the games, the New York Jets were called less talented by some experts. These experts also considered AFL to be incompetent. 

Eventually, Joe Namath (quarterback of the Jets) appeared a few days before the game to announce aggressively that they would win. The best thing was that they indeed won the match against Colts with a 16-7 score. The entire scene of the winning was an emotional and victorious moment in NFL history. 

The Miracle at Meadowlands

Throwback to 1978, when the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles played against each other, with the Giants leading at 17-12. During the game, there wasn’t much time left. So, it was obvious to expect that Joe Pisarcik (Giant’s quarterback) would take a knee. But, things turned out to be different when he went for a hand-off attempt to fullback Larry Csonka. The fumble was recovered was cornerback Herman Edwards of the Philadelphia Eagles and, eventually, it was called the “Miracle at the Meadowlands,”   

What a roller coaster ride! Now that you know about the incidents, which one do you think was the most interesting of all?

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