10 Ambitious Entrepreneurs Making A Positive Impact In The World!

Jacqueline Rooney 

Jacqueline Rooney is an ambitious entrepreneur residing in N Ireland. Spreading joy, happiness and inspiration through her artwork that has really captured the public’s imagination. Jacqueline is a passionate female empowerment advocate.

“I strive to inspire others to believe that it’s never too late to follow their dreams having taken the risk to follow mine at 40!

Formally head of Art in a busy secondary school for 15 years, I was always telling my students to follow their passions yet wasn’t leading by example, so I took the risk & handed in my notice to pursue my lifelong dream a few years ago & have never looked back.

I create vibrant, uplifting Art and my customers tell me my work brightens their homes and makes them smile every day. In a world that can be a little grey at times I strive to add happiness and colour through my Artwork.

I feel very proud as a wife and mother to be growing my business at every opportunity. The late nights and early mornings juggling family life are worth it to see my lifelong dream evolving and thriving.

Flying the flag for women in business, I am
immensely proud of the various accolades & awards I have received and I’m so excited about what the future will bring. “


Elsa Cordahi Fatté

Elsa Cordahi Fatté is a passionate firebrand entrepreneur from Lebanon who refuses to let adversity stand in the way of her dreams. 

“I am a firm believer in the power of mindset, and I know that with courage, accountability, and a drive for personal growth, anything is possible. 

My Vision is a World where effective communication and empathy reign, where leaders inspire, empower, and create new leaders and individuals are equipped to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams all while staying true to their core values, and above all Integrity. 

Throughout my 25 years of experience in UHNW Wealth Management, I have spent many years investing in the traditional sense. Now I want to help people invest in themselves, which I believe brings the best return on investment. 

I thrive to support people through their personal and professional journeys and my mission is to empower leaders cultivate a growth-oriented environment and achieve value-driven success by offering complementary professional coaching and training programs for individuals and organizations. 

My main focus is to provide coaching and mentoring solutions to Family Offices owners and decision makers to navigate the complexities of family businesses and generational wealth, ultimately supporting them towards ensuring the transfer of wealth and building a legacy of sustained value-driven success from one generation to the next. 

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make and decisions we take. Join me on this journey. Let’s talk … and walk the talk!”


Suzy Prudden 

Suzy Prudden is a legend.  An award winning, internationally acclaimed, and award-winning speaker, workshop and seminar leader, N.Y. Times Best Selling author (before the internet) fitness expert, body/mind pioneer, hypnotherapist, success and empowerment coach, TV Host (on NBC and Nichelodeon), Creator of the Inner Mind™ Certification Program, Book Publisher, and Host on WBAI-FM Radio in New York.

She is a former Clinician to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports who has been making a difference since she stated in New York City in 1965 at the age of 22.

With over 50 years as a serial entrepreneur and having owned and operated 9 businesses, published 11 books, and done 18 media tours, Suzy’s current specialty is publishing small books that make a big difference.  Itty Bitty Publishing publishes books by experts. These books, 30 pages long written in numbered sentences and bullet points, give the reader exactly what they want and need on the topic of their choice with no fluff. 

She teaches her authors to use their book as a business builder not just a business card. Itty Bitty books are the perfect marketing tool for the entrepreneur, coach, health professional and small business owner.

Suzy lives in Los Angeles and travels the US and Europe finding authors who want to share their expertise with the world.
You’ve seen Suzy on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The Today Show.  The New York Times says: “If Suzy is talking about it today, the rest of the country will be talking about it tomorrow.”


Dr Kim Brown 

Dr Kim Brown knows what it takes to get out of your own way and become unstoppable. After releasing the fears around being seen and heard, Kim has had a highly successful TEDx Talk impacting over 128k people globally in its first 12 months.

Kim empowers people utilising NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis to change their belief systems, habits, behaviours and values so they can choose the future of their desires. No longer living by the pre-programmed ideal that was set by someone else.

After working to the point of burnout in the Health and Wellness industries, Kim knows all too well the anxiety, stress, and lack of self-worth facing our Healthcare and small business owners as they struggle to make ends meet.

Kim delivers a no BS approach to help clear the past traumas, clear the anxiety and burnout and to help her clients reset their nervous systems to find the calm balance within their work and life.

Kim is passionate about working 1:1 with clients or via her NLP certification trainings so the knowledge is passed on to create physical, emotional, and financial freedom. Not only do clients learn how to create solid and tangible outstanding goals, but also how to change the nervous system to evolve into that new reality permanently.

This is not a motivational seminar that is forgotten weeks later. Kim will show you and your nervous system a new unstoppable habit structure and belief system.


Nikki Fogden – Moore

Nikki Fogden-Moore, known as the Mojo Maker© is a rockstar in her field. Nikki specialises in fully integrated coaching for dynamic leaders and their teams.
“No (entrepreneurial) life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You do not need to accept that as the flip side of success.”

Awarded 2022 SC Business of the Year for Education and Training, founder of the Boardroom Retreats©,The Boat Boardroom™, 

Nikki works with high performing people and organisations to guide them in their transformation from overwhelm to sustainable success.

Her motto: “be the CEO of your life as well as your business – healthy, wealthy and wise”.
With 25 years of experience working in both corporate and wellness arenas, Nikki’s proven set of highly accurate intuitive skills make her a remarkable coach and asset to clients in and out of the boardroom.

Author and creator on purpose, including books Fitpreneur, VITALITY and Radical Self Belief, host of the podcast Radical Self Belief The Mojo Maker show.  Nikki is an engaging, empowering, and authentic voice in her industry with a no-nonsense approach.


The Mojo Maker Academy© models such as Winning Weeks©, The Truth Matrix™, QDM™ and the Vitality Bank© are proven tools for both teams and individuals in leadership. Nikki’s online programs, podcasts and resources will all be available on her new APP NFM launching March 2023.


Jo Sainsbury

CONSISTENCY…Is it the Key to Success?

Is consistency really the key to success? If so, then why do we find it so difficult to be consistent? If being consistent can really shape our lives and bring us the levels of success, we desire. Why are we not doing more?

Jody (Jo) Sainsbury is an advocate for Women In Industry, Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity, Future Workforce. Accoladed speaker, author, and a real impact maker.

“Consistency is about aligning and maintaining your “voice” and look and feel in all your communications. It’s the way you present yourself, the way you sound, the way you write, all the visual and verbal touchpoints. So much so, that people come to expect and anticipate your specific point of view and unique perspective. 

Whether you realise it or not, you send a message to the world about who you are and what you’re about. Rather than make your colleagues, customers and or clients guess who you are and what you stand for. Make sure to communicate your intended message by maintaining consistency.

John Maxwell says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time”.

What we know is that some of the driving factors behind those who are consistent are that they are confident in their goals, have the curiosity to see if they can achieve it and know how to communicate those desires.

You’re the one in the driver’s seat, grab your keys, turn on your ignition, your journey to success is right ahead of you!

Building a community that supports, elevates and inspires women to create their own success, that’s why we speak about empowering women, for a better tomorrow, for a better humanity.”


Elyse Lupin

Elyse Lupin is President of Elysium Marketing Group in the US that provides expertise in the areas of marketing strategy, product marketing, email and digital marketing, franchise marketing, food and restaurant marketing, acquisition and retention marketing, branding, marketing creative, and social media.

Elyse openly talks about attributing the success of Elysium to her amazing team who are very passionate about delivering high value results. With a true serving mentality and collaborative approach Elyse and the teams results speak for themselves.

Elyse has spent her career focusing on being a well-rounded and strategic marketer. Her background working cross-functionally and her ability to understand the consumer point-of-view give Elyse the skill set to tackle even the most complicated marketing challenge.

Being the thought leader Elyse is, Elyse Marketing Group have big ambitions and plans and it’s a very exciting time for all concerned!!

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Debbie Small

Debbie Small is a business strategist, speaker, connector, and futurist living in and loving Australia. Also recently featured in LA Tribune & Fox Daily Post.

 “I love traveling and the adventure of visiting new places; however, at the moment I’m traveling the world without a passport running a global business from the comfort of my home; and loving the relationships I’m building with entrepreneurs all around the world.”

Debbie is the founder of the Empowerment Point Global Business Directory & Education Hub and is known as ‘The Empowerment Queen’ and ‘Super Connector’.

Her clients are global business leaders who are passionate about making this world a better place and helping business owners worldwide have solid business foundations.

“When I started my first business, I felt overwhelmed as I didn’t know all the components needed that make up a solid business foundation. 

I made mistakes and spent a lot of time, money and frustration making those mistakes; which I don’t want other business owners to go through; so, I created Empowerment Point.”


Kathryn Morrow

Kathryn Morrow, Marriage Coach and Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional, is motivating women all over the globe with her revolutionizing marriage coaching methods. Trained in the Gottman Method (among multiple other methodologies) Also featured in Maxim, Forbes Brunei etc. 

Kathryn uses dyadic therapeutic coaching to teach women how to take control of the damage and destruction in their marriages and to bring peace, compassion, and gratitude.

Kathryn works with women whose husbands are tired of trying, or who simply do not believe in marriage counselling at all.

Her program, “The White Picket Fence Project”, is geared towards allowing women to stand in their own strength and recognize the power they must make the changes needed to keep their families together.

By stepping out in leadership, and by being “the woman God created you to be” as Kathryn often says, women can inspire and encourage their husbands without having to drag them “kicking and screaming” to an uncomfortable marriage therapy session, where he is unlikely to be engaged. “

As women, we often underestimate ourselves,” Morrow says, “but by standing up for what we believe in, our families, we have the power to make generational change.”


Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose is an international speaker, female empowerment advocate and very ambitious US based entrepreneur.

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” Maya Angelou

The fact that we are different is exactly why we can make a global impact when we are invited to share a fresh perspective.

We must begin with ourselves. We must BE accepting where we are in our own lives, deciding what outcome we are committing to, applying “reframing” by choosing a different perspective, creating opportunity, asking for help, empowering others by coming together, and finally…. taking ACTION every day. 

With a fresh perspective, beginning with us, we will create opportunity while we are in the “process”.

Rachel Rosenberg (Rose) is an Empowerment Coach guiding clients as they transition to total life changes in self, health, and wealth. “My purposeful and intentional positive perspective is inspired by a childhood defence mechanism, ultimately leading me to become a TEDx Speaker, keynote and empowerment consultant and author. No stranger to a total life transformation.” 

“As a single mother, overcoming a near fatal snowboard accident that only elevated my passion and mission to impact, and empower women through my 5 Steps to Radical Resiliency.”


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